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Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare, Robert Bruce, Anno Reg. 34. 1306 contriuing waies how to make himselfe king of Scotland, the nine & twen|tith day of Ianuarie,Iohn lord Comin slaine by Robert Bruce. slue the lord Iohn Comin at Dunfrice, whilest the kings iustices were sitting in iudgement within the castell there, and vpon the day EEBO page image 314 of the Annunciation of our ladie, caused himselfe to be crowned king of Scotland at Scone, where the countesse of Boughan, that was secretlie departed from hir husband the earle of Boughan, and had ta|ken with hir all his great horsses,The countesse of Boughan set the crowne on Robert Bruce his head. was readie to set the crowne vpon R. Bruces head, in absence of hir brother the earle of Fife, to whom (being in England) soiourning at his manor of Whitwike in Leicester|shire, that office of right apperteined. This countesse being afterwards taken the same yeare by the Eng|lishmen,She is taken. where other would haue had hir put to death, the king would not grant thervnto, but commanded that she should be put in a cage made of wood,Hir punish|ment. which was set vpon the walles of the castell of Berwike, that all such as passed by might behold hir; too slender a punishment for so great an offense. But the king counted it no honour to be seuere against that sex whom nature tendereth, though malefactors, and ther|fore was content with a mild correction tending ra|ther to some shame than smart, to recompense hir of|fense, whereby she procured against hir selfe no lesse reproch than she susteined, agréeable to the old saieng.

Saepe suum proprium fecit puer ipse flagellum

Compare 1577 edition: 1 There were present at his coronation foure bi|shops, fiue earles, and a great multitude of people of the land. Immediatlie vpon the newes brought to the king of Bruces coronation,An armie sent into Scot|land. he sent foorth a power of men, vnder the conduct of the earle of Penbroke, and of the lord Henrie Percie, the lord Robert Clifford, and others, to resist the attempts of the Scots, now readie to worke some mischéefe, through the incouragement of the new king. Edward prince of Wales was made knight this yeare at London upon Witsundaie,

Prince Ed|ward made knight.

Thrée hun|dred saith Matth. West.

& a great number of other yoong bachelers with him (297 as Abington writeth) the which were sent streightwaies with the said prince towards Scotland, to ioine with the earle of Pen|broke, to resist the attempts of the new king Robert le Bruce and his complices.Prince Ed|ward sent into Scotland. King Edward himselfe followed. The generall assemblie of the armie was appointed at Carleill, fiftéene daies after the Nati|uitie of saint Iohn Baptist, from thence to march foorth vnder the guiding of the prince into Scotland.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane time, Robert le Bruce went abroad in the countries of Scotland,Robert Bruce. receiued the homages of manie Scotishmen, and got togither an armie of men, with the which he approched néere to saint Iohns towne, Abington. into the which the earle of Penbroke was a little before entred to defend it, with thrée hundred men of armes, beside footmen. Then R. Bruce sent to the earle to come out and giue battell, the earle sent vnto him word againe, that he would not fight that daie being sundaie,It was the next sundaie after midsum|mer daie. but vpon the next morow he would satisfie his request. Robert Bruce herevpon withdrew a mile backe from the towne, determining to rest himselfe and his people that night. About eue|ning tide came the earle foorth of the towne with his people in order of battell,Rob. Bruce out to flight by the earle of Penbroke. and assailing his eni|mies vpon a sudden, slue diuerse yer they could get their armour on their backs. Robert Bruce and o|thers that had some space to arme themselues made some resistance for a while, but at length the Eng|lishmen put them to the worse, so that they were con|streined to flee.

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