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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In the three and thirtith yeare of his reigne, Anno Reg. 33. 1305 king Edward put his sonne prince Edward in prison, bi|cause that he had riotouslie broken the parke of Walter Langton bishop of Chester;Prince Ed|ward cõmit|ted to ward. Caxton. Fabian. and bicause the prince had doone this déed by the procurement of a lewd and wanton person, one Péers Gauaston, an esquire of Gascoine, the king banished him the realme, least the prince, who delighted much in his companie, might by his euill and wanton counsell fall to euill and naughtie rule. Moreouer,William Wa|leis taken & put to death. Rich. South. the same yeare, William Waleis was taken, and deliuered vnto king Edward, who caused him to be brought to London, where on S. Bartholmewes euen, he was conueied through the streets vnto Westminster, and there arreigned of hie treason, and condemned, and therevpon hanged, drawne and quartered, his head was set ouer London bridge, his right side ouer the bridge at Newcastell vpon Tine, his left side was sent to Berwike and there set vp, his right leg was sent to S. Iohns towne, and his left vnto Aberden, in which places the same were set vp for an example of terror to others.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Also, about the same time, the king of France re|quired the king of England by messengers and let|ters sent vnto him, N. Triuet. that he would banish all the Fle|mings out of his realme, in like manner as at his instance he had latelie before banished all the Sco|tishmen out of France.

Flemings banished the land, at con|templation of the king of France.

Abington. The archbi|shop of Can|turburie accu|sed by the K. Nic. Triuet. He is suspended.

The king of England was contented so to doo, and by that means were all the Flemings auoided out of this land at that season, but shortlie after, they returned againe. King Edward accused Robert archbishop of Canturburie vnto the pope, for that he should go about to trouble the quiet state of the realme, and to defend and succour rebel|lious persons, wherevpon the said archbishop being cited to the popes consistorie, was suspended from executing his office, till he should purge himselfe by order of law, of such crimes as were laid and obiected against him. The king also obteined an absolution of the pope, of the oth which against his will he had ta|ken, for the obseruing of the liberties exacted by force of him, by the earls and barons of his realme, name|lie, touching disforrestings to be made.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare, Robert Bruce, Anno Reg. 34. 1306 contriuing waies how to make himselfe king of Scotland, the nine & twen|tith day of Ianuarie,Iohn lord Comin slaine by Robert Bruce. slue the lord Iohn Comin at Dunfrice, whilest the kings iustices were sitting in iudgement within the castell there, and vpon the day EEBO page image 314 of the Annunciation of our ladie, caused himselfe to be crowned king of Scotland at Scone, where the countesse of Boughan, that was secretlie departed from hir husband the earle of Boughan, and had ta|ken with hir all his great horsses,The countesse of Boughan set the crowne on Robert Bruce his head. was readie to set the crowne vpon R. Bruces head, in absence of hir brother the earle of Fife, to whom (being in England) soiourning at his manor of Whitwike in Leicester|shire, that office of right apperteined. This countesse being afterwards taken the same yeare by the Eng|lishmen,She is taken. where other would haue had hir put to death, the king would not grant thervnto, but commanded that she should be put in a cage made of wood,Hir punish|ment. which was set vpon the walles of the castell of Berwike, that all such as passed by might behold hir; too slender a punishment for so great an offense. But the king counted it no honour to be seuere against that sex whom nature tendereth, though malefactors, and ther|fore was content with a mild correction tending ra|ther to some shame than smart, to recompense hir of|fense, whereby she procured against hir selfe no lesse reproch than she susteined, agréeable to the old saieng.

Saepe suum proprium fecit puer ipse flagellum

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