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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The pope when he heard and deliberatelie ponde|red the kings answer, with this letter directed to him from the English barons, waxed cold in the matter,The K. goeth to Scotland. and followed it no further. The truce be|twixt the king and the Scots being once expired, the king assembled his armie, and went into Scotland, about the feast of saint Iohn Baptist, and tarieng there all the summer and winter following, his soul|diers lost manie of their great horsses for lacke of forrage, which could not be gotten in the cold winter season. Anno. Reg. 30 1302 He kept his Christmas at Lithquo, and at length at the request and sute of his brother in law the French king,I truce gran|ted to the Scots. he granted eftsoones a truce to the Scotishmen, vntill the feast of All saints next in|suing.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king re|turneth into England.Then hauing ordered his businesse for that time in Scotland, he returned into England, and about midlent called a parlement at London. Also this yéere pope Boniface vpon displeasure conceiued a|gainst the French king,The pope ex|horteth the K. of England to make war a|gainst Frãce. sent vnto king Edward, exhorting him to make warres against the same French king, and to persuade him the more easilie therevnto, he promised him great aid: but the king of England hauing prooued the said pope, not the surest man in friendship towards him, forbare to attempt anie forceable exploit against the French king, trusting by some other meanes to recouer his right.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 This yeere Humfrey Bohun earle of Hereford departed out of this life,The deceasse of the earle of Hereford. after whome succeeded his sonne Humfrey, who afterwards maried the kings daughter, Elizabeth countesse of Holland, after that hir first husband was dead. Tournies, Re. Tur. Tournies prohibited. iustes, barri|ers, and other warlike exercises, which yoong lords and gentlemen had appointed to exercise for their pa|stime in diuerse parts of the realme, were forbidden by the kings proclamations sent downe to be pub|lished by the shirifs in euerie countie abroad in the realme: the teste of the writ was from Westmin|ster the sixteenth of Iulie. ¶ The citizens of Bur|deaux could not beare the yoke of the French bon|dage, and therefore this yéere about Christmasse ex|pelled them out of their citie. ¶ Shortlie after the French king doubting least the king of England, by the setting on of the pope, should make warres a|gainst him for wrongfull deteining of Gascoine, to purchase his fauor,Townes re|stored to the k. in Gascoine. restored to him all that which he held in Gascoine, and so then they of Burdeaux also submitted themselues to the king of England of their owne accord.

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