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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This yeare also on saint Remigius daie, which is the first of October, Euersden. died Edmund earle of Corne|wall, the sonne of earle Richard, that was also king of Almaine; and bicause he left no issue behind him to inherit that earledome, the same returned to the crowne. In the 29 yeare of king Edwards reigne, Anno Reg. 29. Matth. Westm. Croxden. on saint Oswalds day, or (as some haue written) the friday after the feast of Peter Ad Vincula, his wife queene Margaret was deliuered of hir second sonne, that had to name Edmund of Woodstoke, sur|named so of the place where he was borne. ¶The king also this yeare after Christmasse held a parlement at Lincolne, to the which the earls and barons of the realme came in armour, to the end (as it is said) that they might procure of the king the more speedie exe|cution of the charter of forrests, which by him had hi|therto béene delaied, but now that he perceiued their earnestnesse and importunate suit, he condescended to their willes in all things.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Pope Boniface being sollicited by the instant suit of the Scotishmen,Pope Boni|face prohibi|teth the king of England further to vex the Scots. and offended also that the lands in England, which belonged vnto Edward Balioll sonne of Iohn Balioll, were not to the same Edward restored, he eftsoones wrote to king Edward; forbid|ding him from thence foorth any further to vex the Scots by wars, bicause that the kingdome of Scot|land was surrendred alreadie into his hands by the generall consent of the Scotishmen themselues, and therefore was it in his power to bestow and take a|way the same to whom or from whom soeuer it should please him.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 ¶ There were reasons alledged why the king of England séemed to do wrong in challenging as then the kingdome of Scotland: and amongst other, N. Triuet. one was, that such homage as had beene doone of ancient time to the kings of England, by the kings of the Scots, was onelie meant for Tindale, Penreth, and such other lands as the Scotish kings held within England, and not for the realme of Scotland. And whereas the kings of Scotland had aided the kings of England in their warres against the rebels of the realme of England, and beene present at their co|ronation, the same was doone of speciall fauour, and not of dutie. K. Edward hauing receiued the popes prescript, and well considered the whole contents ther|of, sent in writing his answer at large, proouing by euident reasons that the right of proprietie in the kingdome of Scotland, did most iustlie apperteine vnto him, and that the allegations were not true, but forged, which had béene by surmised information presented against him.

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