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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The king after this went to Durham, and from thence thought to haue returned streight towards London, but hearing that the Scots meant to make some inuasion, he went to Tinmouth, and remained there till towards Christmasse. Now when the king had laine a certeine time at Tinmouth, Anno Reg. 27. he departed from thence, and drew southward, and comming to Cotingham,Cotingham. a little from Beuerlie, held his Christ|masse there, and after drew towards London, where in the beginning of Lent, he held a parlement, at the which he was required to kéepe promise for the confir|mation of the two charters and articles concluded with the earles of Hereford and Marshall.A parlement. Abington. The king was nothing contented that this matter should be so earnestlie called vpon, for loth he was to grant their full requests; and againe to denie them, he stood in doubt how it might be taken: he therefore prolon|ged time, & would make no answer either to or fro. But when the lords vrged him so sore to giue them answer,The lords call vpon the king to per|forme promise. he got him out of the citie, not making them priuie of his departure, and when they followed him, and seemed not well contented that he should so dis|semble with them, he excused himselfe by blaming the aire of the citie to be against his health, and there|fore bare them in hand, that he onelie sought to re|fresh himselfe in some better aire in the countrie more agreeable to his nature and as for answer to their requests, he willed [...] to repaire againe to the citie, and they should ha [...]e answer by hi [...] coun|cell,His answer so farre as should stand with reason to content them. They returned as he willed [...], and had the charters confirmed according to their requests, sa|uing that [...] a [...]dition was put in the latter end of the same,The [...] put in the [...]|clusion of [...] articles. [...], coronae [...] With which addition the lord [...] [...] home to their houses in [...] towards the king as before.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The co [...]cell doubting some seditious stir to arise hereof amongst the people, deliuered the charters (so sealed and [...] as they were) vnto the shiriffes of London, that the same might be read openlie before the people,The articles red in Paules churchyard. which was doone in Paules churchyard in presence of a great assemblie there, come togither and gathered for that purpose. The people (than whom the sea in ebbing and fl [...]wing is not more in|constant, nor in iudgment more rash, heddie, sudden, and vnaduised, as one saith verie well, & to purpose,

Iudicium [...]ulgi insulsum, imbecilláque mens est,
Quandoquidem inuisa est vulgo sapientia, &c.)
at the first before they heard the addition, gaue manie blessings to the king for those grants: but when they heard with what words he concluded, they cursed as fast as before they had blessed. Before this parlement was dissolued, the lords had warning to returne a|gaine shortlie after Easter, and then they had all things granted and performed as they could wish or desire.The per [...]|bulations of forrests. The perambulations of forrestes were ap|pointed vnto three bishops, three earles, and thrée barons.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the latter end of Iune there came ouer a bishop sent from pope Boniface as his Nuncio,A bishop sen [...] from the pope and diuerse other with him, to declare the order which the pope as arbitrator indifferentlie chosen betwixt the kings of England and France, for the deciding of all controuersies depending betwixt them, had gi|uen foorth & decréed, which was in effect as followeth.

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