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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The same yeare died Gilbert de Clare earle of Glocester, which left issue behind him,The death of noble men. begot of his wife the countesse Ione the kings daughter (beside three daughters) one yoong sonne named also Gil|bert to succeed him as his heire. The countesse his wife, after hir husbands deceasse, married a knight of meane estate, borne in the bishopricke of Du|resme, named sir Rafe Monthermer,Sir Rafe Montherme [...] wedded the countesse of Glocester. that had serued the earle hir first husband in his life time. The king at the first tooke displeasure herewith, but at length through the hie valiancie of the knight, oft times she|wed and apparantlie approoued, the matter was so well taken, that he was intituled earle of Glocester, EEBO page image 296 and aduanced to great honor. Anno Reg. 24. N. Triuet. ¶Iohn Romane arch|bishop of Yorke also this yeare died, after whome one Henrie de Newmarke deane of the colledge there succeeded. ¶ Moreouer the same yeare Wil|liam de Ualence earle of Penbroke departed this life, and lieth buried at Westminster, and then Ai|mer his sonne succeeded him.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The king of Scots conclu+deth a league with the French king. Polydor. Iohn king of Scotland affianced his sonne Ed|ward Balioll with the daughter of Charles du Ua|lois brother to the French king, and concluded with the said French king a league against the king of England. Nothing mooued the Scotish king so much hereto, as the affection which he bare towards his natiue countrie, for he was a French man borne, and lord of Harecourt in Normandie, which segnio|rie was after made an earledome by Philip du Ua|lois king of France. Matth. West. The Scotishmen had chosen 12 peeres, that is to saie, foure bishops, foure earles, and foure barons, by whose aduise and counsell the king should gouerne the realme, by whome he was induced also to consent vnto such accord with the French men, contrarie to his promised faith giuen to king Edward when he did homage to him.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Edward not fullie vnderstanding the con|clusion of this league, required aid of the Scotish king for the maintenance of his warres against France, and receiuing a doubtfull answer, began to suspect the matter: whervpon he required to haue thrée castels, as Barwike, Edenburgh, and Rokes|burgh, deliuered vnto him as gages till the end of the warre, and if the Scotishmen continued faithfull vnto him,K. Edwards request made to the Scots is denied. Abington. he would then restore the same castels to them againe when the warres were ended. This to do the Scotishmen vtterlie denied, alledging that their countrie was frée of it selfe, and acquit of all seruitude or bondage, and that they were in no con|dition bound vnto the king of Scotland, and there|fore they would receiue the merchants of France, of Flanders,The disloiall dealing of the Scots. or any other countrie without excepti|on, as they thought good.

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