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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The French councell weied nothing at all these of|fers, and would not so much as once vouchsafe to giue an answer to the English ambassadors ear|nestlie requiring the same. Finallie, the French K. sent vnto the citie of Anion, which is knowne to be|long vnto the dutchie of Guien, where he there caused the king of England to be cited to make his appeerance at Paris, at a certeine daie,The king of England ci|ted to appéere to answer to the iniuries and rebellions by him doone in the countrie of Gascoigne, at the which daie when he appéered not, the French king sitting in the seat of iudgement in his owne proper person, gaue sen|tence there against the king of England,Sentence giuen against the king of England. for ma|king default, and withall commanded the high co|nestable of France to seize into his hands all the du|chie of Guien, and either to take or to expell all the king of Englands officers, souldiers, and deputies, which were by him placed within the said duchie. The king a little before had sent thither a valiant knight, named the lord Iohn saint Iohn, which had furni|shed all the cities, townes, castels, and places, with men, munition, and vittels, for defense of the same. Anno Reg. 22.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In the meane time the king of England, desirous to be at quiet with the Frenchmen, appointed his brother Edmund earle of Lancaster, as then soiour|ning in France, to go vnto the French kings coun|cell to procure some agréement, which both might be allowed of the French king, and not be dishonora|ble vnto him. But when the earle could not preuaile in his sute, he tooke his iournie towards England, vtterlie despairing to procure any peace. But yer he came to the sea side, he was sent for backe againe by the two quéenes of France, Ione wife to king Philip, and Marie his mother in law, which promi|sed to frame some accord betweene the two kings, and so therevpon after diuerse communications by them had in the matter with the said earle of Lanca|ster, at length it was accorded, that for the sauing of the French kings honour, which séemed to be tou|ched by things doone by the king of Englands mini|sters in Gascoigne,The peace of the quéenes. six castels should remaine at the said kings pleasure, as Sanctes, Talemond, Tur|nim, Pomeroll, Penne, and mount Flaunton. Al|so there should be set a seruant or sergeant in the French kings name, in euerie citie and castell with|in all the whole duchie of Guien, except Burde|aux, Baion, and the Rioll. And further, hostages should be deliuered at the French kings pleasure, of all ministers to be placed by the king of England in Gascoigne and other places through all the country. These things doone, the French king should reuoke the summons published and pronounced in the court of Paris against the king of England. Also he shuld restore all the castels (his seruants being remooued which he had placed in the same) togither with the pledges incontinentlie, at the request of the same queenes, or of either of them. The king of England hauing a safe conduct should come to Amiens, that there méeting with the French king, peace and ami|tie might be confirmed betwixt them. Then were there writings made and ingrossed touching the for|said articles of agréement, one part deliuered to the EEBO page image 292 earle, sealed with the seales of the quéenes, and other remained with the foresaid quéenes sealed with the seale of the earle.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Letters pa|tents.The king of England certified hereof, sent his let|ters patents, directed vnto all his officers and mini|sters in Gascoigne, commanding them to obeie in all things the French kings pleasure. These letters patents were first sent vnto the earle of Lancaster, that he might cause them to be conueied into Gas|coigne when he should sée time. The earle hauing re|ceiued those letters, doubting whether the French K. would obserue the agreement which the queenes had made and concluded, or not; required of them that he might heare the French king speake the word, that he would stand vnto that which they had conclu|ded. Wherevpon in the presence of the said earle and his wife Blanch queene of Nauar, mother to the French queene, also of the duke of Burgoigne, Hugh Ueere sonne to the earle of Oxenford, and of a chapline called sir Iohn Lacie, the French king pro|mised by the faith of a prince, that he would fulfill the promises of the said quéenes, and the couenants by them accorded.

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