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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The same yeare also after Michaelmas, the king held a parlement at Acton Burnell, wherein those statutes were ordeined, which vnto this daie beare the name of the place where they were made. In the twelfth yeare of this kings reigne, his eldest sonne Alfonse departed this life at Windsore, and on S. Markes daie his sonne Edward, that after succeeded him in the kingdome, was borne at Carnaruan, where the king had builded a strong castell, and was come thither with the queene at that time, to see the same. Also this yeare, in the quindene of saint Michaell, the iustices itinerants began to go their generall circuits.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 On Easter daie, which fell this yeare on the ninth of Aprill, being also leape yeare, in the morning about the rising of the sunne, the element was shadowed with such darknesse and thicknesse of aire, that it seemed to waxe night againe, and suddenlie rose an horrible tempest, first of haile and raine, and after of snow, that couered all the earth; and then followed such thunder and lightning, that men were maruellouslie amazed therewith, considering it seemed to be against the nature of the season, for scarse in Aprill shall yee heare anie such thunder. Yet at length it brake vp, and the element recouered hir accustomed cleerenesse.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 In the thirteenth yeare of his reigne, king Edward kept his Christmasse at Bristowe, and held there a priuate councell, but no generall parlement; and this was the first time that anie English king can be remembred, to haue kept any solemne feast at Bristow. The king then leauing his court of chancerie at Bristow, with his children, came to London, where he had not beene almost of three yeares before. Heere came messengers to him from the French king, requiring him to come in person, with a certeine number of men of warre, to aid him in the warres against the king of Aragon, as of right he ought to doo, by reason of the dutchie of Guien which he held of him. The same yeare died William the archbishop of Yorke, after he had gouerned that see six yeares, and then succeeded one Iohn surnamed Romane. About this season, was Marton colledge in Oxenford founded by Walter Marton that was lord Chancellour of England, and after bishop of Rochester. King Edward seized the franchises and liberties of London into his hands, and discharged Gregorie Rokkeslie the maior then being, and appointed for custos and gardian of the citie, one Stephan Sandwich, the which from the day of the conuersion of saint Paule, till the monday following the Purification of our ladie, continued in that office, and was then discharged, and sir Iohn Breton knight charged therewith for the residue of the yeare. There is no certeine knowledge left in records, whie the king tooke such displeasure with the citie, saue that the said Gregorie Rokkeslie then maior, as the fame went, tooke bribes of the bakers, and suffered them to sell bread, lacking six or seauen ounces of weight in a penie loaf. The new worke of the church of Westminster, to the end of the quier, begun (as before EEBO page image 283 is shewed) in the third yeare of king Henrie, was in this yeare fullie finished.

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