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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After this the foresaid Dauid returned to his bro|ther the prince, and therewith assembling an armie,The castell of Rutland be|sieged. they went both togither and besieged the castell of EEBO page image 281 Rutland. King Edward at the same time being in the parts about Salisburie, where he kept his Easter at the Uies, sent out commissioners to leauie an ar|mie, and commanded such men of warre as he had then in a readinesse, to hast foorth to the rescue of the castell of Rutland.The castell of Lamperde|uaux taken. And in the meane time, the castell of Lamperdeuaux was taken by Rice ap Malgone and Griffith ap Meridoc. Also diuerse other castels were taken by other of the Welsh nobilitie. Moreo|uer, about this time by the labour and suit of Iohn the archbishop of Canturburie, Emericke de Mont|fort,Emericke de Montfort set at libertie. which had béene reteined in prison (sith that he was first taken togither with his sister at the Isle of Sillie by the Bristowmen) was now set at libertie and permitted to returne into France. The said archbishop of Canturburie was sent into Wales to persuade Leolin and his brother with the other re|bels vnto peace and quietnesse,Leolin and other the W [...]lsh rebels accurssed. Anno Reg. 10. but returning into England, without bringing anie thing to passe, he de|nounced them accurssed.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king hasted foorth to come to the rescue of his people,The king en|treth into Wales. wherevpon Leolin and his brother Dauid re|tired with their people to Snowdon hilles, and forti|fied the castell there with a strong garrison of men. The king entring into Wales, when he heard that his enimies were withdrawne into the mounteins, passed foorth till he came neere vnto them, where he pitched downe his field, and the next day causing his horssemen to issue foorth of the campe, filled all the plaines which compasse the foot of those hilles (aswell on the east side as toward the south) with the same horssemen, and herewith placed his footmen more a|loft on the side of the hilles in couert: this doone he prouoked his enimie to come foorth to fight, but when he saw this would not be, then that he might stop them from all places of refuge, he caused his ships to take the Isle of Anglesey, bicause the Welshmen vsed to flie thither oftentimes for their safegard, in the which enterprise the mariners of the cinque ports bare themselues right manfullie.The mari|ners of the cinque ports.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this, ioining certeine vessels togither, he caused a bridge to be made in the riuer of Meneth,Meneth. into the which an other small riuer falleth that riseth at the roots of those hilles of Snowdone, to keepe the enimies from lodging on the further side of that ri|uer. This bridge conteining roome for thréescore ar|med men to passe afront, was made ouer the riuer of Sient, by the which men saile into the Isle, which by the course of the sea ebbeth and floweth euerie twelue houres. But so it came to passe, that before the bridge was well boorded ouer, whilest the king yet remai|ned at Aberconwaie, diuerse of the English nobili|tie, to the number of seauen banerets with three hundreth armed men rashlie passed ouer, and as they surueied the foot of the mounteine, the tide began to come in so swiftlie, that where the Englishmen were aduanced a good prettie waie from the water side, they could not now get backe againe to the bridge which as yet was not fullie made vp.

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