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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Hervpon entring into Wales he tooke the castell of Rutland,The castell [...] Rutland ta|ken. and sent into Westwales a valiant cap|teine named Paine de Camure [...]js, who with fire and sword wasted that countrie, Anno Reg. 5. 1277 so that the people of|fering themselues to the kings peace, deliuered vnto the said Paine the castell of Stridewie with the countrie adioining.The castell of Stridewie. Leolin sueth for peace. Then Leolin the prince of Wales, perceiuing that he was not able to resist the kings power, and knowing that if he did attempt the conflict against him the danger would redound to himself & his traine, did as th'old verse counselleth,

Peruigili cura semper meditare futura,
and therefore made suit for peace, in so much that fi|nallie it was agreed, N. Triuet. C├Ámissioners appointed. that commissioners for both parts should talke concerning certeine articles, and whatsoeuer they concluded, aswell the king as the said Leolin should hold the same for firme and sta|ble. The king appointed one of his commissioners, to wit, the lord Robert de Tiptost, to take an oth for him, & authorised the said Robert, Anthonie Beke, and frier William de Southampton, prior prouin|ciall of the friers preachers, commissioners, nomina|ted on his behalfe, to receiue the like oth of the said Leolin. Which Leolin appointed commissioners for his part, Tuder ap Edeuenet, and Grono ap Helin, the which commissioners with good deliberation con|cluded vpon certeine points and articles, of which the principall were as followeth.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 First, that the said Leolin should set at libertie all prisoners which he held in captiuitie for the king of Englands cause, freelie and without all challenge.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Secondlie, that to haue peace and the kings of Englands fauour, he should giue vnto the said king fiftie thousand pounds sterling, the daies of the pai|ment whereof to rest in the kings will and pleasure.

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