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Edward the first, surnamed Long|shanks, the eldest sonne of Henrie the third.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 _EDward, the first of that name after the conquest, be|gan his reigne ouer this king|dome of England,1272 Anno Reg. 1. the 16 day of Nouember, in the yeere of the world, 5239, of our Lord 1272, of the Saxons 814, af|ter the conquest 206, the va|ration of the empire after the deceasse of Frederike the second as yet induring (though shortlie after in the yeare next following, Radulfe of Habspurge was elected emperour) in the third yeare of Philip the third then reigning in France, and Alexander the third yet liuing in gouernement of the Scotish kingdome.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This Edward the first, when his father died, be|ing about the age of 35 yeares, was as then in the holie land, or rather in his iournie homewards: but wheresoeuer he was at that present, the nobles of the land, after his father was departed this life, assem|bled at the new temple in London, Matth. West. A new seale made. and causing a new seale to be made, they ordeined faithfull mini|sters and officers, which should haue the treasure in kéeping, and the administration of iustice for the maintenance of peace and tranquillitie within the land, and on the 22 day of Nouember he was pro|claimed king. Chro. Dun. Who after he had remained a time in the holie land, and perceiued himselfe destitute of such aid as he looked for at the hands both of the Christians and Tartarians, Matt. Westm. he left in the citie of Acon certeine stipendarie souldiers, and taking the sea sailed home|wards, arriuing first in Sicill, where, of Charles K. of that land he was honorablie receiued and conuei|ed, till he came vnto Ciuita Vecchia in Italie, where pope Gregorie as then laie with his court, of whome (as of his old fréend that had been with him in the ho|lie land) he obteined that earle Aldebrandino Rosso, and Guy of Montfort, that had murthered the lord Henrie, eldest sonne to Richard king of Almaine, might be sent for. Earle Aldebrandino purged him|selfe,Guy de Mõt|fort excom|municated. but Guy de Montfort was excõmunicated, as a violator of the church, a murderer and a traitor, so as he was disherited euen unto the fourth genera|tion, till he had reconciled himselfe to the church, as he was inioined.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this, it is woonderfull to remember with what great honor king Edward was receiued of the cities, as he passed through Tuscaine and Lumbar|die. At his comming ouer the mounteins at Chalon in Burgundie, he was at a iusts and tornie, which then was there holden by the Frenchmen against the Englishmen, the honor whereof remained with the Englishmen. In this tornie the fight of the foot|men was great: for the Englishmen being sore pro|uoked, slue manie of the French footmen, but bicause they were but rascals, no great accompt was made of them, for they were vnarmed, gaping for the spoile of them that were ouerthrowen. K. Edward passing foorth, came to the French court, where of his coosine germane king Philip he was ioifullie receiued. Here king Edward, dooing homage to the French king for the lands which he ought to hold of him in France, passed into Guien.

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