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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The bishop of Elie had vndertaken to keepe the Ile to the kings vse, but being now dispossessed ther|of, he got him awaie and fell to cursing them that were thus entred against his will, but they séemed to passe litle vpon his thundering excommunications. On the 16 of December,Norwich [...]cked. they came to the citie of Norwich; and spoiling it, tooke manie of the wealthie citizens, and ransomed them at great summes of monie. The lord Henrie Hastings and Simon de Pateshull, with diuerse others, got them into the ca|stell of Killingworth, and dailie went foorth at their pleasures, spoiling and wasting the townes about them, or causing them to fine with them to be spared. Chron. Du [...] And this they forced not to doo, although the lord Ed|mund the kings sonne laie in Warwike, to cut them short of such their licentious doings. The king ther|fore mening to haue the said castels of Killingworth by force,

The siege of Killingworth castell begin|neth.

The lord Hastings.

began his siege about the same vpon the ée|uen of S. Iohn Baptist. But the lord Henrie Ha|stings, the capteine of that castell, and other his com|plices defended it so stronglie, that though the king inforced his power to the vttermost to win it of them, yet could he not anie thing preuaile, Anno Reg. 51. till at length vittels began to faile them within, and then vpon the eeuen of saint Thomas the apostle before Christmasse, the lord Henrie Hastings deliuered the said castell into the kings hands,Killingworth castell deliue|red to the K. vpon condition that he and all other should haue life and limme, horsse and armour, with all things within the place to them belonging. And thus this siege had continued from the 26 of Iune vnto the 20 day of December.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 ¶ Here is to be remembred, that at the beginning of the siege, there were within the castell a thousand and seuen hundred armed men, and eight score wo|men, beside lackies and coisterels. Here is also to be remembred, that whilest the siege laie before Killing|worth, by the aduise of the kings councell, and of the legat Othobone, there were twelue péeres appointed and chosen foorth, which should deuise and make ordi|nances touching the state of the realme, and the dis|herited persons, who according to their commissi|on, ordeined certeine prouisions, the which are con|teined within the statute intituled Dictum de Kil|lingworth. Dictum de Killingworth. Abington. Matth. Westm. The king after that the castell of Killing|worth was deliuered to his hand, left therein his sonne Edmund, and went himselfe to Couentrie or (as other haue) to Oxford, and there held his Christ|masse. Shortlie after comming to Westminster he held a parlement there,A parlement at Westmin|ster. studieng to set a quietnesse in all matters and controuersies depending betwixt him and the barons. In this parlement sentence was giuen against earle Ferrers for the forfeiture of his earledome:Earle Fer|rers disheri|ted. then was Edmund the kings yoonger sonne put in possession both of the earledome of Dar|bie and Leicester.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 On the sixt of Februarie being sundaie, the king came to S. Edmundsburie, and staieng there till the two and twentith of the same moneth, set foreward that day towards Cambridge, where he laie with his armie, the better to bridle them that kept the Ile of Elie against him. He laie there all the Lent season. And in the meane time the earle of Glocester taking great displeasure,The earle of Glocester with an arn [...] commeth to London. for that he might not haue his will, as well for the banishing of strangers, as for re|stitution to be made vnto the disherited men of their lands, he began a new sturre, and assembling a great power in the marshes of Wales came néere vnto London, pretending at the first as though he had come to aid the king, at length he got licence of the maior and citizens to passe through the citie into Southwarke, where he lodged with his people, and thither came to him shortlie sir Iohn d'Euille, by Southerie side, bringing with him a great com|panie.

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