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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After this,A parlement at Westmin|ster. in the feast of the translation of S. Ed|ward, a parlement was holden at Westminster, and the sentence of disheriting the kings aduersaries was pronounced against them, whose lands the king forthwith gaue vnto his trustie subiects, where he thought good. Some of the disherited men redée|med EEBO page image 271 their possessions, with a portion of monie, in name of a fine. Other of them flocking togither, got them into the woods and desert places, where kéeping them out of sight as outlawes, they liued by spoiles and robberies. The cheefest of them was Robert erle of Ferrers, who neuerthelesse was restored to his lands,Erle Ferrers but yet with condition, that if afterwards he fell into the like crime, he should forfeit his earldome for euer. Fabian. Anno Reg. 50. The citie of London sub|mitteth hir|selfe to the K. The Londoners with much adoo, at length, obteined pardon of the king. The maior and alder|men of the citie were glad to submit themselues, though the commons, without consideration of the great perill which they were in, would haue stood still at defiance with the king, and defended the citie against him. It was no maruell though they were of diuerse and contrarie opinions, for in those daies, the citie was inhabited with manie and sundrie nations which then were admitted for citizens. At length, vp|on their submission, the king tooke them to mercie, vpon their fine,

The Londo|ners put to their fine.

Cardinall O|thobone the popes legat. Fabian.

which was seized at twentie thousand marks.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About Alhallowentide, cardinall Othobone came from the pope into England as his legat, to helpe towards some agréement to be had betwixt the king and his barons. He was committed to prison (as some write) by the Londoners, for that he spake a|gainst their dooings, when they shut their gates a|gainst the king; but he was shortlie released as should appeare. On the sixt day of Nouember in the fiftith yeare of his reigne, king Henrie came to Westminster, and shortlie after, he gaue awaie the number of threescore houses, with the houshold stuffe in the same conteined, so that the owners were com|pelled to redeeme them againe of those his seruants, to whome he had giuen the said houses, togither with all such lands, goods and cattels, as the same citizens had within any part of England. Then was one cal|led sir Othon made custos or gardian of the citie,One Othon made gardian of the citie of London. who was also conestable of the tower, he chose to be bailiffes, and to be accomptable to the kings vse, Iohn Adrian, and Walter Henrie, citizens of the same citie. The king also tooke pledges of the best mens sonnes of the citie, which pledges he caused to be put in the tower, and there kept at the costs of their parents. Matth. West. ¶ The king by aduise of his councell ordeined, that within euerie shire of the relme, there should be a capteine or lieutenant appointed with ne|cessarie allowance of the king for his charges, the which, with the assistance of the shiriffe, should punish and keepe downe the wicked outrage of théeues and robbers, which in time of the late ciuill warres were sproong vp in great numbers, and growen to excée|ding great boldnesse; but now, through feare of de|serued punishment, they began to ceasse from their accustomed rapine, and the kings power came a|gaine in estimation, so that peace after a manner tooke new root and increase. Nic. Treuet. The legat holdeth a sy|nod at Nor|thampton.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Upon S. Nicholas euen, the king departed from Westminster, towards Northampton, where the cardinall Othobone held a synod, and according to that he had in commandement, pronounced all the kings aduersaries accurssed, and namelie all the bi|shops which had aided the barons against the king, in time of the late warres, of whome afterward he absolued the most part. Matt. VVest. This suspen|sion was pro|nounced in a councell hol|den by the said cardinall at Paules as Fabian saith. Matth. West. But Iohn bishop of Winche|ster, Henrie bishop of London, and Stephan bishop of Chichester were sent to Rome, to purchase their absolution of pope Clement the fourth, as well for o|ther points of disobedience, as chéeflie for that, where the quéene had procured a cursse of pope Urbane the fourth, that was predecessor to this Clement, to ac|cursse all the barons and their supporters, which war|red against the king hir husband: the said bishops (to whome the commission was sent to denounce that cursse) for feare of the barons deferred the execution. Walter bishop of Worcester; chancing to fall sicke at that time, died about the beginning of Februarie, confessing first, that he had greeuouslie erred, in mainteining the side of the erle of Leicester against the king, and therefore directed his letters to the popes legat, requiring to be absolued, which his peti|tion the legat granted. Moreouer, N. Triuet. in this councell at Northampton, there was published by the cardinall a grant, made to the king by the pope, of the dismes of the english church for one whole yeare then next insuing.

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