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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane time, the earle of Leicester procée|ding in his businesse, wan the castell of Ludlow, and after marching towards Montgomerie, whither the lords Roger de Mortimer, and Iames Audelie were withdrawne, he constreined them at length to a feigned agreement, so that they gaue hostages,The lords Mortimer and Audeli [...] banished. pro|mising to come to the next parlement that was ap|pointed to be holden, where they were banished the land for a twelue moneths, and all the castels on the marshes, in manner from Bristow to Chester, were deliuered to the earle. After this (as by Nicholas Triuet it appeareth) there was a great assemblie of men of warre made out of all parts of the realme, to resist such strangers as the quéene (remaining in the parts beyond the seas) had got togither, meaning to send them into England to aid the king against the barons, and for that purpose had caused a great number of ships to be brought into the hauen of Dam. But now that the king was in the barons hands,An armie lod|ged on Bar|ham-downe. and that such a multitude of horssemen and footmen were assembled on Barham-downe (as a man would not haue thought had béene possible to haue found within the whole relme) to resist the land|ing of those strangers, the said strangers were sent home againe, without hauing doone anie pleasure to the quéene, other than spent hir monie. Matth. West. The king held his Christmas at Woodstoke; and the earle of Leice|ster, who séemed then to rule the whole realme, Chr. Dunstab. kept his Christmasse at Killingworth.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this, a parlement was holden at London in the octaues of saint Hilarie, and manie things were concluded, couenants accorded, and oths taken for performance by the K. and his sonne prince Edward, which shortlie after came to little effect. Yet prince Edward, and Henrie the sonne and heire of the king of Almaine, which had béene kept as pledges about the tearme of nine moneths and od daies, were in the Lent following set at libertie, vpon assurance made, Abington. that the said prince Edward should remaine in the kings court, and not depart from thence with|out licence of the king and certeine of the barons. He was also constreined to giue vnto the earle of Leicester the countie Palantine of Chester, before he might obteine to haue so much libertie. Betwéene Easter and Whitsuntide, the earles of Leicester and Glocester fell at variance, through the presumptu|ous demeanour of the earle of Leicesters sonnes, and also bicause the earle of Leicester would not de|liuer the king of Almaine and other prisoners vnto the earle of Glocester, requiring to haue the custo|die of them, bicause he had taken them in the battell at Lewes.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The earle of Glocester, perceiuing himselfe not well vsed, secretlie entred into confederacie with the lord Mortimer, and other of the marshes: wherevpon the earle of Leicester hauing thereof some inkeling, came to Hereford, in purpose to haue taken the earle of Glocester, and to haue put him in safe kéeping, as latelie before he had serued the earle of Darbie. But by the practise of the lord Mortimer, shortlie after the lord Edward or prince Edward (whether yee list to call him) assaieng abroad in the fields an horsse or two, such as he should vse at iusts and tornies, which were appointed to be holden, he mounted at length vpon a light courser, which the said lord Mortimer had sent to him;Prince Ed|ward escapeth awaie. Matth. West. and bidding the lord Robert Roos and other (that were appointed to attend on him, as his keepers) farewell, he galloped from them, and could not be ouertaken of them that pursued him, till at length he came to the lord Mortimer, who with a great troope of men was come foorth of his castell of Wigmore to receiue him. This was on the thurs|daie in Whitsunweeke.

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