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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In this yeare died Richard the Clare earle of Glocester,The earle of Glocester de|parteth this life. and his sonne sir Gilbert de Clare was earle after him, vnto whome his father gaue great charge that he should mainteine the ordinances of Oxford. In the 47 yeare of king Henries reigne, Anno Reg. 47. by reason that a Iew had wounded a christian man at London within Colechurch, in the ward of cheap,Iewes slaine. not onelie the said Iew was slaine by other christi|ans that followed him home to his house, but also manie other Iewes were robbed and slaine in that furie and rage of the people. The Welshmen with their prince Leolin made wars against the men and tenants of Roger de Mortimer; Matth. Westm. The Welsh|men warre against ye lord Mortimers tenants. and tooke two of his castels (the one called Kenet) and raced them both to the ground. The said Roger being sore gréeued herwith, got such assistance as he could of other lords there in the marches,He séeketh his reuenge against them. and watching the Welshmen at aduantage, distressed diuerse companies of them, sometime thrée hundred, sometime foure hundred, and other whiles fiue hundred. But at one time he lost thrée hundred of this footmen that were entred the countrie, and so inclosed that they could make no shift to escape.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 Upon the euen of S. Thomas the apostle, Fabian. the king landed at Douer, and came to London the Wednes|daie before the twelfe day in Christmasse.Thames frosen. In this yeare the frost began about S. Nicholas daie, and continued for the space of a moneth and more, so ex|treamelie, that the Thames was frosen, so that men passed ouer on horssebacke. ¶ The same winter the kings little hall at Westminster, with manie other houses therevnto adioining, was consumed with fire, by negligence of one of the kings seruants.Uariance be|twixt the ci|tizens of Lõ|don and the constable of the towre. Ua|riance rose betwixt the citizens of London, and the constable of the towre, for that contrarie to the liber|ties of the citie he tooke certeine ships passing by the towre with wheat and other vittels into the towre, EEBO page image 264 making the price thereof himselfe. The matter was had before sir Philip Basset lord cheefe iustice and o|thers, who vpon the sight and hearing of all such eui|dences and priuiledges as could be brought foorth for the aduantage of both the parties, tooke order that the constable should (when he lacked prouision of graine or vittels) come into the market holden within the ci|tie, and there to haue wheat two pence in a quarter within the maiors price, and other vittels after the same rate.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Prince Edward the kings sonne returning from the parts beyond the sea, Matth. West. Prince Ed|ward goeth against the Welshmen. went with a great power (as well of Englishmen as strangers) against the Welshmen towards Snowdon hils: but the eni|mies withdrawing themselues to their strengths within the woods and mounteines, he could not much indamage them, wherevpon after he had fortified cer|teine castels in those parts, with men, numition, and vittels, he returned being sent for backe of his father. The archbishop of Canturburie foreseeing the trou|ble that was like to insue betwixt the king and his barons,The archb. of Canturburie goeth to Rome. got licence of the king to go vnto Rome, a|bout such businesse as he fained to haue to doo with the pope, and so departed the land, and kept him a|waie till the trouble was appeased. Fabian. Upon Midlent sundaie, at a folkemote holden at Paules crosse, be|fore sir Philip Basset and other of the kings councell, the maior of London was sworne to be true to the king,The lord ma|ior of London sworne to be true to the king. and to his heires kings of England, and vpon the morrow at the Guildhall euerie alderman in presence of the maior tooke the same oth. And vpon the sundaie following, euerie inhabitant within the citie, of the age of 12 yeares and aboue, before his al|derman in his ward was newlie charged with the like oth.

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