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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Matt. Westm. Death of No|ble men.Diuers Noble men departed this life in this yeare, as the earle of Albemarle, the lord William Beau|champe, Stephan de Longespee lord cheefe iustice of Ireland, and Roger de Turkeby one of the kings chéese councellors and iustices of the land, William de Kickham bishop of Durham, and Iohn de Crake|hale treasurer of England, a spirituall man, but rich beyond measure:Bach rather. also Henrie de Ba another of the kings iustices of the bench. In the 45 yeare of king Henries reigne, Matth. West. Anno. Reg. 45. The king of Scots com|meth to Lon|don. Matt. West. Alexander king of Scotland came to London anon after the feast of S. Edward, with a faire companie of Scotishmen, and shortlie after his wife the quéene of Scots came thither also. Moreouer king Henrie kept a roiall feast at West|minster, where he made to the number of foure score knights, amongst whome, Iohn sonne to the earle of Britaine, who had maried the ladie Beatrice, one of the kings daughters was there made knight. Shortlie after was sir Hugh Spenser made lord chéefe iustice.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After Christmasse the K. comming into the towre of London, fortified it greatlie, & caused the gates of the citie to be warded, Chro. Dun. sending forth commandement to his lords that they should come to the towre, there to hold a parlement; but they denied flatlie so to doo, sending him word that if it pleased him, they would come to Westminster, where vsuallie the parlement had béene kept; and not to any other place, whervpon there rose dissention betwixt him and the barons. After the feast of the Purification, Fabian. A folkemote holden at Pauls crosse. at a folkemote holden at Paules crosse (where the king was present in person, with the king of Almaine, the archbishop of Canturburie, and diuerse other of the Nobles) commandement was giuen to the maior, that euerie stripling of the age of 12 yeares and aboue, should before his alderman be sworne to be true to the king and his hetres kings of England,An oth to be true to the king. and that the gates of the citie should be kept with armed men, as before by the king of Romans was deuised.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 About Easter the barons of the land with consent of the péeres, discharged sir Hugh Spenser of his of|fice of chéefe iustice,The lord Spenser dis|charged of his office. and placed in his roome sir Phi|lip Basset without the kings assent, he being not made priuie therevnto. Wherevpon a new occasion of displeasure was ministred to kindle debate be|twixt the king and his lords, but by the policie of the king of Almaine and some prelats, the matter was quieted for a time, till after at Hallowentide next in|suing, which was the 46 yeare of K. Henries reigne. At that time the barons tooke vpon them to discharge such shiriffes as the king had elected & named gar|dians of the countries and shires, Anno Reg. 46. The presumptuous procée|dings of the barõs against the king. and in their pla|ces put other shiriffes, and besides that would not suffer the iustice which the king had admitted, to doo his office in keeping his circuit, but appointed such to doo it, as it pleased them to assigne, wherwith the king was so much offended, that he laboured by all means to him possible about the disanulling of the ordinan|ces made at Oxford, and vpon the second sundaie in Lent, he caused to be read at Paules crosse a bull, ob|teined of pope Urbane the fourth, as a confirmati|on of an other bull before purchased of his predeces|sour pope Alexander,I bull read at Pauls crosse. for the absoluing of the king, and all other that were sworne to the maintenance of the articles agrees vpon at Oxford. This absolu|tion he caused to be shewed through the realmes of England, Wales & Ireland, giuing streight charge that if any person were found that would disobe [...] this absolution, the same should be committed to pri|son, there to remaine till the kings pleasure were further knowne.

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