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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 This yeare died sir Nicholas Samford knight, a man of great reputation and valiancie.The death of sir Nicholas Samford. Also on the twentith day of October, the countesse of Winche|ster daughter to the earle of Hereford departed this life at Grobie,The countesse of Winchester departeth this life. a manour place belonging to hir hus|band the earle of Winchester, a little besides Leice|ster, and was buried at Braklie. The said earle short|lie after married an other wife in hope of issue. For neither by this his last wife, neither by his first that was daughter to the lord Alane de Galowaie had he any children. Matth. Paris. Also the same yeare, that noble ladie Margaret countesse of Lisle surnamed Riuers,The deceasse of the coun|tesse de Lisle de Wight. som|time wife to Fouks de Brent, departed out of this world, about the second day of October. In the sea|uen and thirtith yeare of king Henries reigne, one of the popes notaries called Albert came into Eng|land to offer vnto Richard earle of Cornewall the kings brother, Anno Reg. 37. The pope of|fereth the kingdome of Sicill vnto the earle of Cornewall. the kingdoms of Naples and Sicill. But the earle supposing it not to stand with his ho|nour, to depriue his nephue Henrie, sonne to the em|peror Frederike the second, by his wife the empresse Isabell that was sister to the said erle, refused to take that honour vpon him.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About the same time, that is to say, on the octaues of saint Martin, Boniface the archbishop of Cantur|burie arriued in England, comming from the court of Rome, where he had beene long resiant. ΒΆ At the same time there chanced a great occasion of strife betwixt the said archbishop, and the bishop of Win|chester. For where maister Eustace de Lin, officiall to the said archbishop had first excommunicated, and after for his contumacie caused to be attached a preest which by authoritie of the elect of Winchester as diocesane there, was entred into possession of an hospitall in Southwarke, as gouernour thereof, by the name of prior, without consent of the officiall: who pretended title as patrone in his maisters name. The said elect of Winchester caused a riotous sort of persons after the maner of warre to seeke re|uenge hereof, the which after manie outrages doone, came to Lambeth, and there by violence tooke the said Eustace out of his owne house, and led him to Farnham, where he was kept as prisoner.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The archbishop thus serued at his first comming ouer, and taking the same but for a homlie welcome, was maruellouslie offended, and comming to Lon|don accompanied with the bishops of Chichester and Hereford, in the church of saint Marie bowe, being reuested in pontificalibus, pronounced all those ac|curssed, which were authours or fauourers of such a rash and presumptuous deed, and further commanded all the bishops within his prouince, by vertue of their obedience, to denounce the same in their churches e|uerie sundaie and holie day. The bishop of Winche|ster on the other part, sent commandement to the deane of Southwarke, to resist the archbishop to his face, and to denounce his cursse to be void, vaine, and of no force, but deuised of a craftie purpose and wic|ked meaning. The archbishop continuing in his con|ceiued displeasure, went to Oxenford, and there on the morrow after saint Nicholas day, renewed the same cursse in solemne wise before all the learned men, students, and scholers of the Uniuersitie.

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