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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Anno Reg. 35. The practise of the bishops to disappoint the archbi. of Canturburie of his purposeAbout the beginning of the fiue and thirtith yeare of king Henries reigne, the bishops of England, vn|derstanding that the archbishop of Canturburie was about to purchase of the pope a grant to gather monie through his whole prouince of the cleargie and people for synods and procuracies, they thought to preuent him, and therefore made a collection euerie one through his owne diocesse, of two pence in eue|rie marke which any beneficed man might dispend, which monie so collected, they ment to imploie about charges in the popes court, for the staie of the archbi|shops suit, that the grant should not passe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 An erthquake at S. Albons.About the same time, to wit, vpon saint Lucies day, there was a great earthquake at S. Albons, and in the parts thereabouts with a noise vnder the ground, as though it had thundred. This was strange and maruellous, bicause the ground there is chalkie and sound, not hollow nor loose, as those places be where earthquakes for the most part happen. Doues, rookes, and other birds that sat vpon houses, and in boughes of trées fearing this strange wonder, flick|red vp, and flue to and fro, shewing a token of feare as if a goshauke had beene ouer their heads. The pope required by solemne messengers sent to the king of England,The pope su|eth for licence to soiorne at Burdeaux. that he might come to the citie of Burdeaux in Gascoigne, & there for a time remaine. The king wist not well what answer to make, for loth he was to denie anie thing that the pope should require, and againe he was not willing for sundrie respects, that the pope should come so néere vnto him. Indeed, manie were in doubt, least if he came to Burdeaux, he would also come into England,The popes presence more like to impaire than amend things. and rather impaire the state thereof than amend it by his presence, sith by such vsurers and licentious li|uers as belonged to him, the realme had alreadie beene sore corrupted. Howsoeuer the matter went, there was delaie and such means deuised and made, that the pope came not there at that time.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 On Christmasse day in the night, great thunder and lightning chanced in Northfolke and Suffolke past measure, Thunder and lightening. in token as was thought of some euill to follow. ¶The king kept his Christmasse at Win|chester, but without any great port or liberalitie, for hospitalitie with him was greatlie laid aside. About this time, Guy de Lusignan the kings halfe brother came ouer into England, after his returne out of the holie land, and was of the king ioifullie receiued.Guy de Lusig+nan brother to the king. To|wards the releefe of his expenses made in that iour|nie, the king gaue him fiue hundred pounds which he got of the Iewes. Moreouer, he gaue to his brother. Geffrey the custodie of the baron Hastings lands, and so by such liberall and bounteous gifts as he be|stowed on them and other strangers, he greatlie incurred the hatred of his naturall people the Eng|lishmen.

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