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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 Anno Reg. 34. The archb. of Canturburie inthronized.In the feast of All saints, the archbishop Bonifa|cius was inthronized at Canturburie, and kept a so|lemne feast, at the which the king and queene, with the more part of all the prelats of the land were present. About this season was a great tornie and iusts hol|den at Brackley,A tornie hol|den at Brack|ley, or (as some copies haue) at Barkley. where the earle of Glocester (con|trarie to his accustomed maner) fauoured the part of the strangers, wherby they preuailed. In somuch that William de Ualence handled one sir William de Odingesselles verie roughlie, the same sir William being a right woorthie knight. About the same time, the countesse of Cornewall at Berkehamstéed was deliuered of a sonne named Edmund.Edmond son to Richard earle of Corn|wall borne. This yeare about the beginning of the spring, the kings brother the earle of Cornewall with other Noble men of the realme, as the earle of Glocester, Henrie Hastings baron,An ambassage sent to the pope. & Roger Thurkebie, went ouer into France in princelie arraie and furniture to visit the pope, who held his court still at the citie of Lions. The bishop of Lincolne also and the bishop of Worcester went thi|ther. For what cause the other went, it was not open|lie knowne. But the bishop of Lincolne went thi|ther about such businesse as he had in hand against the Templers, Hospitalers, and such other which had appealed from him to the court of Rome, where he could not bring his purpose to passe, for his aduersa|ries with monie had purchased the iudges fauour. And so the bishop returned, hauing spent his trauell and monie in vaine.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The king ta|keth on him the crosse.On the 6 of March being sundaie, the king tooke vpon him the crosse, with his brother de Ualence, and a great number of other Noble men, and amongst other the abbat of Burie, to the preiudice (as was thought) of his order. Roger de Monthault, a baron of great honour,The lord Ro|ger de Mont|hault. meaning verelie to go in that iour|nie, to recouer monie towards his necessarie furni|ture, set and sold the most part of his liuings. His woods and possessions, which he had about Couentrie, he sold and let to fee farme vnto the couent there. The like chieuance was made by sundrie noble men, which prepared themselues to go in that iournie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Upon the 27 day of Aprill those that had taken on them the crosse, assembled at Bermondsey besides London, to treat of their setting forward, determi|ning that the same should be at Midsummer next: but by the popes letters which the king procured, they were commanded to staie till the king himselfe went. Thus their iournie for that time was disap|pointed. There was of them and their retinues that meant thus to haue gone, fiue hundreth knights, be|sides yeomen or demilances and other common soul|diers in great numbers. Gaston de Bierne was so driuen to his shifts by the high prowesse of the earle of Leicester,Gaston de Bierne sub|miteth himself to the king. that in the end he was constreined to come ouer into England, and submit himselfe to the king, whom he found at Clarendon, where he gat such mercie at the kings hands, that he was pardo|ned and restored to his lands. But the earle of Lei|cester put the king in possession of the castels of Fronsacke,The earle of Leicester his service in Gascoigne. Egremount, and others, and banished Rustein, and William de Solares, with diuerse o|ther stubborne and disloiall rebels, depriuing them of their lands and inheritance in that countrie.

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