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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 There chanced another earthquake foure daies before Christmasse, Anno Reg. 33. An erthquake namelie in the west countrie a|bout Bath and Welles, which shooke and ouerthrew some buildings, speciallie the tops and summets of stéeples, turrets and chimnies were shaken therwith, and not the bases or lower parts. ¶In Christmasse following, the earle of Leicester returned out of Gascoigne, where he had béene as generall against Gaston de Bierne, whome he had so afflicted and put to the worse, that the same Gaston was glad to sue for an abstinence of warre, where before he had doone much hurt to the kings subiects. The said earle had also with the aid of the kings subiects apprehended an other rebell, one William Berthram de Egremont who had doone much hurt in the parts of Gascoigne, and in the confines there, whome he had left in prison within the castell of the Rioll.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This yeare a little before Candlemas,The bishop of Durham re|signeth his bishoprike. the bishop of Durham being a man of great yeares, by licence obteined of the pope, resigned his miter, reseruing to himselfe onelie thrée manors, Houeden with the ap|purtenances, Stocton and Euerington. The king hauing the last yeare receiued of his subiects a deni|all of a generall subsidie to be granted him, Matth. Paris. The king practiseth to get monie. practised this yeare to get some reléefe at their hands, in cal|ling each of them apart: but first he got two thou|sand marks of the citie of London, and after fell in hand with the abbats and priors, of whome he got somewhat, though sore against their willes. By occa|sion of two merchant strangers of Brabant, which chanced to be robbed about the parts of Winchester, whilest the king was there, vpon their importunate suit and complaint, there was a great nest of theeues broken,A nest of théeues brokẽ. amongst the which were manie wealthie per|sons and freeholders, such as vsed to passe on life and death of their owne companions, to whom they were fauourable inough you may be sure: also, there were some of the kings seruants amongst them. A|bout thirtie of those offendors were apprehended, and put to execution, besides those that escaped, some into sanctuarie, and some into voluntarie exile, running out of and vtterlie forsaking the countrie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About Easter,The archbish. of Rone. the archbishop of Rone came ouer into England, and dooing homage for such reuenues as belonged to his church here within this realme, had the same restored vnto him. Matth. Paris. Great raine. In Iune there fell such abundance of raine, speciallie about Abington, that the willow trées, milles, and other houses stand|ing néere to the water side, were borne downe and ouerturned, with one chapell also: and the corne in the field was so beaten to the ground, that bread made thereof after it was ripe, seemed as it had beene made of bran.

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