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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Finallie, Anno. Reg. 30. after that the king had lien at Gannoke about the fortifieng of the castell there, the space of ten wéekes, and saw the worke now fullie finished, he appointed foorth such as should lie there in garison, and therewith, on the morrow after the feast of Si|mon and Iude, he raised his field, and returned to|wards England, leauing the Welshmen in great miserie, and like to starue for want of necessarie food.

The king' re|turneth foorth of Wales.

Irishmen de|stroied An|glesey.

For the Ile of Anglesey, which is as a nursse to the Welshmen, those Irishmen that came to the kings aid, had vtterlie wasted and destroied. Againe, the king of purpose had consumed all the prouision of corne and vittels which remained in the marshes, so that in Cheshire, and other the parts adioining, there was such dearth,A dearth. that the people scarse could get suf|ficient vittels to susteine themselues withall.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king also gaue foorth commandement, that no prouision of corne or vittels should be conueied vnto the Welshmen, out of any parts, either of England or Ireland, on paine of forfeiting life,

Brine pits destroied in wales.

The lord Maurice chéefe iustice of Ireland.

lands & goods. Moreouer, he caused the brine pits in Wales to be stopped vp and destroied. The king hauing thus orde|red his businesse, returned into England, and short|lie after, taking displeasure with the lord Maurice, chéefe iustice of Ireland, bicause he had not made such speed as had béene conuenient in bringing the Irishmen to his aid, he discharged him of the office of chéefe iustice, and placed in his roome Iohn Fitz Geffrey.

Iohn Fitz Geffrey lord iustice of I|reland.

Matth. Paris. The dece [...]se of Walter erle Marshall

In this thirtith yeare of king Henries reigne, Walter earle Marshall and of Penbroke departed this life: and shortlie after, to wit, three daies before Christmasse, his brother Anselme that succeeded him in the inheritance, deceassed also with|out issue: and so all the fine sonnes of the great earle William Marshall, being departed this world with|out EEBO page image 238 heires of their bodies begotten, the whole heri|tage descended to the sisters, and so was diuided a|mongst them as coparteners.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king this yeare held his Christmas at Lon|don, and had there with him a great number of the nobilitie of his realme, which had béene with him in Wales, that they might be partakers of pastime, mirth and pleasure, as they had béene participants with him in suffering the diseases of heat, cold, and other paines abroad in the fields and high moun|teines of Wales, considering with himselfe (as the truth is) that

Mal. Pal. in suo cap.—vita est quàm proxi [...] letho,
Quàm meritò spernenda anim [...] si nulla volupt [...]s
Mulceat at leuent solatia nulla laborem.

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