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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the eight and twentith yeare of king Henries reigne, Anno Reg. 28. The countesse of Prouance mother to the quéene com|meth ouer in|to England. the quéenes mother the ladie Beatrice coun|tesse of Prouance arriued at Douer on the foure|téenth day of Nouember, bringing with hir the ladie Sanctia hir daughter, and in the octaues of S. Mar|tine they were receiued into London in most so|lemne wise, the stréets being hanged with rich clo|thes, as the maner is at the coronations of princes. On S. Clements day, Richard earle of Cornewall the kings brother married the said ladie Sanctia,The earle of Cornewall maried to the ladie Sanctia. which marriage was solemnized in most roiall wise, and with such sumptuous feasts and banketings, as greater could not be deuised. Finallie, the quéens mother the countesse of Prouance, being a right no|table and worthie ladie, was honored in euerie de|grée of hir sonne in law king Henrie in most cour|teous and sumptuous manner, and at hir departure out of the realme, which was after Christmasse, shée was with most rich and princelie gifts honourablie rewarded.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the same time also,William Ra|legh bishop of Norwich. whereas William de Ralegh was requested to remooue from the see of Norwich vnto Winchester, and consenting therevn|to, without the kings licence, obteined his confirma|tion of the pope: the king was highlie displeased therewith, bicause he ment it to another. Wherevp|on when the said William Ralegh was returned from Rome to be installed,He is conse|crated bish. of Winchester by the pope. the king sent commande|ment to the maior and citizens of Winchester, that they should not suffer him to enter the citie. Where|vpon EEBO page image 232 he being so kept out, accurssed both the citie and cathedrall church with all the moonks and others that fauoured the prior, which had intruded himselfe onelie by the kings authoritie, and not by lawfull election and means, as was supposed.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 At length the said bishop vpon gréefe conceiued that the king should be so heauie lord vnto him, got into a ship at London, and stale awaie into France, where he was well receiued of the French king,He steleth out of the realme. and greatlie cherished. Also he found such means that the pope in fauour of his cause wrote letters both to the king and to the queene, naming hir his coosen, but which waie that kindered should come about, as yet it was neuer knowen. The bishop to shew himselfe thankefull for such freendship,He giueth to the pope 6000 marks. gaue the pope aboue six thousand marks (as is said) and the pope bicause he would not be accompted a disdainefull person, tur|ned not backe one pennie of that which was so gent|lie offered him. At length partlie at contemplation of the popes letters, and partlie by reason the bishop humbled himselfe in answering the articles which the king had obiected against him in cause of the con|trouersie betwixt them, he granted him his peace, and receiued him into the land, restoring to him all that had beene taken and deteined from him.

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