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Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Henrie vnderstanding all their dooings and intents,King Henrie goeth into Wales with an armie. thought that this contention betwéene the two brethren for the title of Wales would serue ve|rie well for his purpose, and therefore he hasted foorth with a spéedie armie of men in that countrie, purpo|sing to reduce the same vnder his obeisance. Here|with Senena or Guenhera, the wife of Griffin (and other of the Welsh Nobilitie, that tooke part with hir) concluded a league with king Henrie, vpon cer|teine conditions as the same are conteined in an in|strument or charter, the tenour whereof beginneth as followeth.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Conuenit inter dominum Henricum tertium re|gem Anglorum illustremex vna parte, & Se|nenam vxorem Griffini, filij. Leolini, quon|dàm principis Northwalliae, quem Dauid fra|ter eius tenet carceri mancipatum, cum Owino filio suo, nomine eiusdem Griff. ex altera, &c.

Articles of agreement betweene Henrie the th [...]d of that name king of England of the one parti [...] and Senena the wife of Griffin, the sonne of Leolin, sometimes prince of Northwales, whom Dauid his brother deteineth in prison, with Owen his sonne, in the name of the said Griffin of the other partie.

_IN primis, the sa [...]d Senena vndertake [...] that the said Griffin hir husband will giue vnto the king six hundred markes, vpo [...] condition that the king ou [...] cause the sai [...] Griffin and Owen his sonne to be deliuered from the prison wherein they are kept, and will stand to the iudgement of the kings court, whether by law he EEBO page image 227 ought to be imprisoned or no.

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