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Compare 1577 edition: 1 ¶There was this yeare a certeine person of honest conuersation,A Charter|house moonke apprehended. and sober, representing in habit one of the Carthusian moonks, taken at Cambridge, be|ing accused for that he refused to come to the church to heare diuine seruice, and vpon his examination, bicause he answered otherwise than was thought conuenient, he was committed to secret prison, and shortlie after sent vp to the legat to be of him exami|ned. This man openlie protested, that Gregorie was not the true pope, nor head of the church, but that there was another head of the church, and that the church was defiled, so that no seruice ought to be said therein, except the same were newlie dedicated, and the vessels and vestments againe hallowed and con|secrated; The diuell (said he) is losed, & the pope is an heretike, for Gregorie, which nameth himselfe pope, hath polluted the church.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Herevpon (in the presence and audience of the abbat of Euesham, maister Nic. de Fernham, and diuerse other worshipfull personages) the legat said vnto him being thus out of the waie;

Is not power granted to our souereigne lord the pope from aboue, both to lose and bind soules, sith he executeth the roome of S. Peter vpon earth? Now when all men looked to heare what answer he would make, belée|uing his iudgement to depend vpon the same, he said by way of interrogation, and not by way of asserti|on; How can I beléeue, that vnto a person spotted with simonie and vsurie, and haplie wrapt in more greeuous sins, such power should be granted as was granted vnto holie Peter, who immediatlie follow|ed the lord, as soone as he was made his apostle, and followed him not onelie in bodilie footsteps, but in cleerenesse of vertues. At which word the legat blu|shed, & said to some of the standers by; A man ought not to chide with a foole, nor gape ouer an ouen.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In this season the king sent his iustices itine|rants in circuit about the land,Iustices iti|nerants. William de Yorke, Robert Lexinton iu|stices. the which vnder pre|text of iustice punished manie persons, and so leuied great summes of monie to the kings vse. Sir Wil|liam of Yorke prouost of Beuerley was assigned to visit the south parts, and sir Robert de Lexinton the north parts. Also Richard earle of Cornewall the kings brother, with a nauie of ships sailed into Sy|ria, where in the warres against the Saracens, he greatlie aduanced the part of the christians.The earle of Cornewal go|eth into the holy land. There went ouer with him the earle of Salisburie Willi|am Long espee, and William Basset, Iohn Beau|champe, Geffrey de Lucie, Iohn Neuill, Geffrey Beauchampe, Peter de Breuse, and William Fur|niuall. The erle of Montford also went ouer the same time: but where the earle of Cornewall tooke the sea at Marsiles,The earle of Leice [...]ster go|eth thither also. the earle of Leicester passed through Italie, and tooke the water at Brandize, and with him went these persons of name, Thomas de Fur|niuall, with his brother Gerard de Furniuall, Hugh Wake, Almerike de S. Aumond, Wischard Le|det, Punchard de Dewin, and William de Dewin that were brethren, Gerard Pesmes, Fouke de Baugie, and Peter de Chauntenaie.The earle of Albemarle. Shortlie after also, Iohn earle of Albemarle, William Fortis, and Peter de Mallow a Poictouin, men for their vali|ancie greatlie renowmed, went thither, leading with them a great number of christian souldiors.

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