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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the 24 yeare of his reigne, king Henrie held his Christmasse at Winchester, Anno Reg. 24. 1240 where he made Bald|wine de Riuers knight, and inuested him with the right of the earledome of the Ile of Wight, Matth. Paris. Matth. West. Baldwin de Riuers earle of the Ile of Wight. in the presence of the earle of Cornewall, who procured him this honour, bicause he had the wardship of him, and married him to his daughter in law the ladie Ami|cia, that was daughter to his wife the countesse of Glocester by hir former husband. The earle of Leice|ster also, meaning to go into the holie land, returned out of France, where he had remained a certeine time as an exile, but was now receiued honorablie of the king and other péeres of the realme, and after that he had séene the king and doone his dutie as ap|perteined, he went to his possessions to make monie for his furniture necessarie to be had in that iournie, for the which he sold at that time his woods about Lei|cester,The woods about Leice|ster féeld. vnto the knights of the Hospitall, and to the canons of Leicester, receiuing of them for the same about the summe of a thousand pounds.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the same time, to wit, the 14 of Aprill, died Leolin prince of Wales,Leolin prince of Wales de|parteth this life. and then followed conten|tion betwixt his sons Griffin and Dauid for the prin|cipalitie, which at length Dauid obteined through king Henries support (though he were the yoonger brother) bicause he was begot in lawfull bed on the sister of king Henrie. The whole countrie of Wales was maruellouslie in trouble about their quarels. At length, a daie of méeting was appointed betwixt them, to grow by waie of talke vnto some quiet end; and Griffin meaning no deceit, came in peaceable wise with Richard bishop of Bangor and others to the place assigned, where they should haue met. But Dauid by a traine tooke Griffin, and committed him to prison, wherevpon afterwards, the yeare insuing, by continuall plaint and earnest sute of the bishop of Bangor, king Henrie entred Wales with an ar|mie, and constreined Dauid to submit himselfe, and to deliuer the said Griffin into his hands, and further also to put in suerties to appeare at London, there to receiue such order in the kings courts, as to him by law should be orderlie awarded. Griffin ap Mad|docke and diuerse other great lords of Wales ioined with the king in this iournie against Dauid,Griffin ap Maddocke [...] as in the next yeare ye shall further heare.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the same time, there was great strife and contention still remaining betwixt the emperour Frederike and pope Innocent the fourth that succée|ded Celestine the fourth, in somuch that sore and mor|tall warre followed. But king Henrie by the pro|curement of the legat Otho,King Henrie aided the pope with monie a|gainst the [...]perour. aided the pope with mo|nie, though he was somewhat loth to doo it, bicause the said emperour had married his sister. Indéed, the emperour wrote to the king to staie his hand, but the diligence of that legat was such in furthering his masters businesse, that the monie was gone ouer yer the emperours letters came. At this time also, Ed|mund the archbishop of Canturburie greatlie dis|alowed the often exactions and subsidies which the le|gat caused dailie to be le [...]ied of the English clergie. Howbeit, in hope to haue his purpose the rather a|gainst the moonks of Canturburie, with whom he was at variance, he first granted to the legats re|quest made on the popes behalfe in a synod holden at Reading, for the hauing of the fift part of spirituall mens reuenues, and so by his example others were inforced to doo the like.

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