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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Anno Reg. 22. The legat holdeth a sy|nod at Lon|don.After that the legat had thus agréed the noblemen, he assembled a synod at London, the morrow after the octaues of S. Martin, wherein manie ordinances were newlie constituted for the state of the cleargie, but not altogither verie acceptable to diuerse yoong préests and scholers (as some write) in somuch that the legat afterwards comming to Oxford, and lodging in the abbie of Osnie,The legat co [...]meth to Oxford. it chanced as certeine scholers pressed to the gates thinking to come in and doo their dutie (as they tooke the matter) vnto the legat, the porter kept them backe, and gaue them ouerthwart words, wherevpon they rushed in vpon him, & so be|gan a fraie betwixt them and the legats men, who would haue beaten them backe.A fraie be|twixt the le|gats men, and the scholers of Oxford.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 It fortuned in this hurlie burlie, that a poore Irish scholer being got in néere to the kitchin dresser, be|sought the cooke for Gods sake to giue him some re|liefe: but the cooke (as manie of that calling are chole|rike fellowes) in a great furie tooke vp a ladle full of hot broath out of a kettell wherein flesh had béene sod|den,A cookes almes. and threw it right vpon the Irishmans face, which thing when another Welsh scholer that stood by beheld, he cried out; What meane we to suffer this villanie, and therewithall tooke an arrow, and set it in his bow, which he had caught vp in his hand at the beginning of the fraie, and drawing it vp to the head let flie at the cooke,The legats cooke slaine. and so slue him there outright.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Herevpon againe noise and tumult rose round a|bout the house, the legat for feare got him into the belfraie of the abbeie, where he kept himselfe close till the darke of the night had staied the vprore, and then stale foorth, and taking his horsse escaped as secretlie as he could ouer the Thames, and rode with all spéed to the court, which laie not far off at Abing|ton,The legat complaineth to the king. The earle Waren sent to apprehend the offendors. and there made his complaint to the king, in such lamentable wise, that he foorthwith sent the earle Waren with a power of armed men, to fetch awaie the residue of the legats seruants which remained be|hind in the abbeie, and to apprehend the chiefe offen|dors.

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