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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Anno Reg. 21.¶ In the beginning of the 21 yeare of king Henries reigne, on the morrow after the feast of S. Martine, and certeine daies after, the sea burst out with such high tides and tempests of wind,High tides. Matth. Paris. that the marrish countries néere to the same were drowned vp and o|uerflowen: and beside great heards and flocks of cattell that perished, there was no small number of men lost and drowned. The sea rose continuallie in flowing the space of two daies and one night, with|out ebbing, by reason of the mightie violence of con|trarie winds.Wisbech peo|ple perishing by rage of waters. At Wisbech also, and in villages there|abouts, the people were drowned in great numbers, so that in one village there were buried an hundred corpses in one daie. Also the daie before Christmasse éeue, there chanced a great wind, with thunder and raine, in such extreame wise, that manie buildings were shaken and ouerthrowen.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In a parlement holden at Westminster about the octaues of the Epiphanie, the king required a subsidie of his subiects, which request was not verie well ta|ken, but yet at length, vpon promise that he would be good lord [...] them, and not séeke to instringe and dis|anull the [...] which he had made by pretense of want of the popes confirmation (as it was thought he meant to doo) they agréed to giue him the thirtith part of all moueable goods,A subsidie. as well of the spiritualtie as the temporaltie, reseruing yet to euerie man his readie come with horsse and armour, to be imploied for the profit of the common-wealth. In considerati|on of which grant, the king being of perfect age, and in his owne rule and full gouernance, of his frée and méere goodwill, at the request, and by counsell of the lords of his realme, eftsoones granted and confirmed the liberties and customes conteined in the two char|ters, the one called Magna charta, and the other Char|ta de foresta, with this addition following added in the end.

8.1. The confirmation of the charters, vnder the kings acknowledgement and subscription of witnesses.

The confirmation of the charters, vnder the kings acknowledgement and subscription of witnesses.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 _NVnc autem concessimus, & hac praesen|ti charta confirmauimus omnibus prae|dictis de regno nostro, omnes libertates & liberas consuetudines content as in chartis nostris, quas eis fidelibus nostris fieri fecimus cùm in minori essemus aetate, scili|cet in Magna charta nostra, quàm in charta de Fo|resta. Et volumus pro nobis, & haeredibus nostris, quòd praefati fideles nostri, & successores, & haere|des eorum habeant, & teneant in perpetuum om|nes libertates & liberas consuetudines praedictas, non obstante quòd praedictae chartae confectae fue|rint cùm minoris essemus aetatis, vt praedictum est, hijs testibus, Edmundo Cant archiepiscopo, & om|nibus alijs in Magna charta nominatis. Dat. per manum venerabilis patris Cicestriensis episcopi, cancellarij nostri 28 die Ianuarij, Anno Regni nostri 21.

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