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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 In the twentith yeare of king Henries reigne, Anno Reg. 20. in the Aduent time, the noble baron the lord Robert Fitz Water departed this life, and so likewise did a noble yong man descended of most noble parentage, one Roger de Somerie. On the foureteenth day of Ianuarie insuing,King Henrie marrieth the ladie Elianor daughter to the earle of Prouance. Matth. Paris. the king married the ladie Elia|nor, daughter to the earle of Prouance named Rai|mond. This marriage was solemnized at Cantur|burie, and in the octaues of S. Hilarie next insuing being sunday, shee was crowned queene of Eng|land at Westminster. At the solemnitie of this feast and coronation of the quéene, all the high peeres of the realme, both spirituall and temporall, were pre|sent there to exercise their offices as to them apper|teined.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The citizens of London were there in great ar|raie, bearing afore hir in solemne wise, thrée hundred and thréescore cups of gold and siluer, in token that they ought to wait vpon hir cup. The archbishop of Canturburie (according to his dutie) crowned hir, the bishop of London assisting him as his deacon. The earle of Chester bare the sword of saint Edward before the king,The earle of Chester. in token that he was earle of the palace, and had authoritie to correct the king, if he should see him to swarue from the limits of iustice, his constable of Chester attended vpon him,The consta|ble of Chester. The earle of Penbroke. and re|mooued where the presse was thicke, with his rod or warder. The earle of Penbroke high Marshall bare the rod before the king, and made roome before him, both in the church and in the hall, placing euerie man, and ordering the seruice at the table. The wardens of the cinque ports bare a canopie ouer the king,

The wardẽs of the cinque ports.

The earle of Leicester.

Erle Warren.

sup|ported with foure speares.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The earle of Leicester held the bason when they washed. The earle of Warren, in the place of the erle of Arundell, bicause he was vnder age, attended on the kings cup. M. Michaell Bellet was Butler by office. The earle of Hereford exercised the roome of high Marshall in the kings house. The lord William de Beauchampe was almoner.

The earle of Hereford.

Lord William Beauchampe The citizens of London.

The citizens of Winchester.

The cheefe iustice of the forrests on the right hand of the king remoo|ued the dishes on the table, though at the first he was staied by some allegation made to the contrarie. The citizens of London serued out wine to euerie one in great plentie. The citizens of Winchester had ouersight of the kitchin and larderie. And so euerie person (according to his dutie) exercised his roome: and bicause no trouble should arise, manie things were suffered, which vpon further aduise taken therin were reformed. The chancellor and all other ordinarie of|ficers EEBO page image 220 kept their place. The feast was plentifull, so that nothing wanted that could be wished. Moreo|uer, in Tuthill field roiall iustes were holden by the space of eight daies togither. And soone after the king called a parlement at London,A parlement at London. Polydor. where manie things were enacted for the good gouernment of the realme, and therewith the king demanded a subsidie.

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