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Compare 1577 edition: 1 And though the bishop of Salisburie came thi|ther and threatened to accursse them, if they would not deliuer the earle, and restore him to sanctuarie a|gaine: they made answer, that they had rather the earle should hang for himselfe, than they for him. And so bicause they would not deliuer him, the bishop did excommunicate them, and after riding to the court, and taking with him the bishop of London, and other bishops, preuailed so much by complaint exhibited to the K. that the earle was restored to the church againe the eighteenth day of October:He is restored to sanctuarie. but so, as the shiriffe of the shire had commandement to compasse the church about with men, to watch that no releefe came vnto him, whereby he might be constreined through famishing to submit himselfe. Notwithstan|ding, Anno Reg. 18. The earle of Kent rescued and conueied into Wales. shortlie after there came a power of armed men, and fetcht the said earle from thence (setting him on horssebacke in faire complet armour) and so conueied him into Wales, where he ioined with o|ther of the kings enimies, the thirtith day of Octo|ber.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Polydor. The king en|treth into Wales with an armie.Within a few daies after came the king with his armie, and entring into Wales, for want of vittels was constreined to retire backe to the marshes, be|twixt Worcestershire & Salopshire, where staieng certeine daies togither in those parts, his souldiers straied abroad in the countrie vnaduisedlie, and kéeping no watch nor ward about their campe, were surprised in the night by their enimies, and slaine on euerie side. The slaughter had béene greater, but that the residue which laie in campe, brake foorth about midnight, and in a plumpe togither fled into a castell which was néere at hand, called Grossemound, in the which the king himselfe was lodged. There were slaine aboue fiue hundred men, and all the trusse and baggage of the campe lost. Yet Matthew Paris saith there were but two knights slaine, which cast awaie themselues by their owne wilfulnesse, that would needs stand to it and make resistance, where the resi|due being spoiled of all that they had with them, got awaie by flight, as the bishops of Winchester and Chichester, the lord chéefe iustice Stephan Segraue, Peter de Riuales treasurer, Hugh Bigot earle of Norfolke, William earle of Salisburie, William lord Beauchampe, and William Dalbenie the yoonger, who were witnesses of this losse amongst the residue.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Hereof it came to passe, that manie of the kings armie (speciallie those which had lost their horsses, ar|mour, monie, and other furniture, with their vittels) returned into their countrie, to their great confusi|on. For the Welshmen and other outlawes, hauing spoiled the campe, returned with the cariages and sumpters which they had taken, into places of safe refuge. The king hauing receiued this losse, and of|tentimes tried fortune nothing fauourable vnto him in those parts, Polydor. by reason of the streits and disaduan|tage of the places, thought good to reserue the re|uenge of his receiued iniuries vntill a more conue|nient time, and therevpon returned to Glocester,The king returneth out of Wales. and furnished diuers castels and fortresses in the borders of Wales, with garrisons of souldiers, namelie Poictouins and other strangers to defend the same against William Marshall, and the other his com|plices, who vpon occasions dailie sought to suppresse and distresse the said strangers.

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