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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In this yeare, on the exaltation of the crosse,A subsidie granted in a parlement holden at Lambeth. at Lambeth, in the assemblie of the states there, a subsi|die was granted to the K. of the fortith part of eue|rie mans goods towards the discharge of his debts which he owght to the earle of Britaine. Anno Reg. 17. Also in the beginning of the seauentéenth yeere of his reigne, Ranulfe earle of Chester and Lincolne departed this life the six and twentith day of October, Matth. Paris. Ranulfe earle of Chester de|parteth this life. whose bodie was buried at Chester, and his bowels at Walling|ford where he died. This earle Ranulfe was thrice married,Erle Ranulfe thrice maried. first to Constance daughter and heire to Conan earle of Britaine and Richmund, and so in right of hir was intituled earle of those two places: which Constance had beene first married vnto Gef|frey the third sonne of king Henrie the second, by whom she had issue Arthur (as before yée haue heard.) But by earle Ranulfe she had no issue at all, but was from him diuorced, and afterwards married vn|to Guy vicount de Towars. Then after earle Ra|nulfe was so diuorsed from the said Constance,This Cle|mence was daughter to erle Ferrers. he married a ladie named Clemence, and after hir de|ceasse, he married the third time the ladie Margaret, daughter to Humfrey de Bohun earle of Hereford and Essex, constable of England.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Howbeit he neuer had issue by any of those his wiues,The partition of his lands. so that Iohn Scot his nephue by his sister Mawd succéeded him in the earldome of Chester, and William Dalbenie earle of Arundell, nephue to him by his sister Mabell, had the manour of Barrow, and other lands that belonged to the said Ranulfe, of the yerelie value of fiue hundred pounds. Robert Quin|cie, he that married his sister Hauise, had the earle|dome of Lincolne, and so of a baron became an earle who had issue by his wife, Margerie countesse of Lincolne, that was maried to Edmund Lacie earle EEBO page image 216 of Lincolne. William earle Ferrers and of Dar|bie, that had married Agnes, sister to the said Ra|nulfe, had the castell and manour of Chartley, togi|ther with other lands for his pourpart.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Here is also to be remembred, that the afore men|tioned earle Ranulfe (or Randulfe whether ye list to call him) atchiued manie high enterprises in his time, as partlie in this booke ye haue alreadie heard: he held sore warres against the Welshmen, till at length an agréement was concluded betwixt him and Leolin prince of Wales. I remember I haue read in an old record, that vpon a time as this earle passed into Wales with an armie, his chance was to be ouerset by the Welshmen, so that he was dri|uen to retire into a castell, wherein the Welshmen did besiege him.This Roger Lacie is sur|named Helie. And as it fortuned at that time, Ro|ger Lacie the constable of Chester was not then with him, but left behind at Chester to see the citie kept in order (for as it should séeme, their solemne plaies which commonlie are vsed at Whitsuntide were then in hand, or else their faire which is kept at Midsummer.)

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