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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Anno Reg. 16. 1232 In this meane time no small grudge arose among the people, by reason that their churches were occu|pied by incumbents that were strangers, promoted by the popes and their legats, Matth. Paris. who neither instructed the people, nor could well speake anie more English than that which serued for the collection of their tithes, in somuch that for the insolencie of such imcumbents as well the Noble men and those of good reputation, as other of the meaner sort, by an vndiscréet presum|ption attempted a disorderlie redresse,An vnorder|lie & presump|tuous attempt confederating themselues togither, and taking vpon them to write and direct their letters vnto bishops and chapters, commanding them by waie of inhibition, not to séeme to interrupt those that should seize vpon the beneficed strangers, or vpon their reuenues.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 They also tooke vpon them to write vnto such re|ligious men and others, which were farmers vnto a|nie of those strangers, forbidding them to stand ac|countable vnto the said strangers, but to reteine the rents and profits in their hands to answer the same vnto such as they should appoint for the receipt ther|of. The superscription of their letters was this.The super|scription of their letters.Ta|li episcopo, & tali capitulo, vniuersitas eorum, qui magis vo|lunt mori quàm à Romanis confundi, salutem. That is to say, To such a bishop and chapter, all those which had rather die than be confounded by the Romans, send greeting. In the seale wherewith the said letters were sealed, were two swords ingrauen.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This matter went so farre foorth, that th [...]e were sundrie persons armed and disguised like mummers, which enterprised not onelie to take diuerse of those strangers that were beneficed men, but also came to their barnes, threshed vp their graine,Masking threshers. and either made sale therof, or gaue it awaie for God his sake, shewing counterfeited letters vnder the kings seale, which they had procured for their warrant, as they did pretend. At length the pope vpon complaint made vnto him of such violent doings,The pope cõ|plaineth to the K. in bla|ming him. The pope cõ|mandeth the offendors to be accursed. wrote to king Henrie, blaming him not a little for suffering such disorders to be committed within his realme, com|manding him vpon paine of excommunication to cause a diligent inquirie to be had of the offendors, and to sée them sharpelie punished, to the example of others.

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