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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In the meane time there arriued Henrie earle of Britaine on the ninth of October,Henrie earle of Britaine. The kings iournie de|ferred. which should haue conducted the king into his countrie. But sith win|ter was come vpon them, he aduised him to stay till the next spring, and so he did. Then euerie man was licenced to depart home, and the earle of Kent recon|ciled againe into fauour. The erle of Britaine in like maner did homage to the king for Britaine, and the king restored him to all his rights in England, and further giuing him fiue thousand marks to defend his countrie against the enimies, sent him home a|gaine in most courteous and louing maner. Anno Reg. 14. 1230 In this yeere of our Lord 1230 king Henrie held his Christ|masse at Yorke, togither with the king of Scots, Matth. Paris. The king of Scots kept Christmasse with the king of England at Yorke. whome he had desired to come thither at that time, that they might make merrie: and so for the space of thrée daies togither, there was great banketting and sport betwéene them. On the fourth day they tooke leaue either of other, the king of Scots with rich gifts returning towards his countrie, and the king of England towards London.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Upon the fiue and twentith day of Ianuarie also, Matth. Paris. A strange tempest at London. while the bishop of London was at high masse with|in the church of S. Paule in London, a sudden dark|nesse ouershadowed the quiere, and therewith such a tempest of thunder and lightning,Sée Iohn Stow, pag. 261. of his large collectiõ printed 1580. that the people there assembled thought verelie the church and stée|ple had come downe vpon their heads. There came moreouer such a filthie sauour and stinke withall, that partlie for feare, and partlie for that they might not abide the sauour, they voided the church, falling on heapes one vpon another, as they sought to get out of the same. The vicars and canons forsooke their deskes, so that the bishop remained there onelie with one deacon that serued him at masse. Afterward, when the aire began to cleare vp, Matth. Paris. the people returned into the church, and the bishop went forward and fi|nished the masse.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In the meane time the king leuied a great summe of monie of the prelats of his land towards his iour|nie into France:The king ga|thereth monie towards his iournie into France. he had also a great reléefe of the citizens of London. And the Iewes were constrei|ned to giue to him the third part of all their mouea|ble goods. In the moneth of Aprill, Matth. Paris. The Lord W. de Breuse hanged. Leolin prince of Wales caused William de Breuse, whom he had taken prisoner long before (as aboue is mentioned) to be hanged on a paire of gallowes, for that he was taken (as was reported) in adulterie with the wife of the said prince. And on the last day of Aprill, the king with a puissant armie tooke the sea at Portesmouth, and landed at saint Malos in Britaine on the third day of May,The king sai|leth ouer into France. where he was right ioifullie receiued of Henrie earle of that countrie. After he was thus ar|riued in Britaine, he entered into the French domi|nions, with the said earle, and the earle of Marsh his father in law, dooing much hurt within the same. His armie dailie increasing by the great numbers of EEBO page image 212 of Normans and other, which at the fame of the king of Englands arriuall in those parts, came flocking from diuerse places to aid him

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