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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the thirteenth yeare of this king, Anno. Reg. 13. 1229 Stephan the popes chapleine and his Nuncio came ouer vnto king Henrie, requiring to haue towards the main|tenance of the popes warres against the emperour Frederike, a tenth part of all the mooueable goods within the realmes & countries of England, Wales, and Ireland, as well of spirituall persons as tempo|rall. Wherevpon, a parlement or assemblie of the lords was called at Westminster,A parlement or a councel holden. on the second sun|daie after Easter, which was the 29 of Aprill. At which parlement, when the popes buls were read, and the matter therein conteined plainelie opened and examined, to the end it might appeare vpon what ne|cessarie causes the pope was constreined to pursue the said wars, and to aske releefe of faithfull christian people, being members of the holie church: the king, bicause he had by his procurators at Rome afore|hand promised & bound himselfe to such paiment of tenths, sate still, and answered not to the contrarie EEBO page image 211 (whereas the hope of a great number was reposed in him, that by his deniall the popes request shuld haue béene frustrat) so that when by his silence he was ad|iudged to consent, yet the temporall lords & laie men vtterlie denied to agree vnto such paiment,The temporal lords refuse to [...]d the pope with monie. not wil|ling in any wise to bind their baronies and tempo|rall possessions vnto the church of Rome.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Howbeit, the bishops, abbats, priors, and other ec|clesiasticall persons, after they had shewed them|selues to rest doubtfull (not without great grudging and murmuring in the meane time, for the space of thrée or foure daies togither) at length, for feare of ex|communication, consented to be contributorie, but in such sort, as they had escaped for a farre more rea|sonable summe,Stephan de Segraue. The tenths of the spiritu|altie granted to the pope. if Stephan Segraue one of the kings councell had not by compact (as was thought) made with the Nuncio, wrought so in the matter, that the tenths were finallie granted, to the great impouerishment and inestimable damage of the church and realme of England. After this, the Nun|cio shewed the procuratorie letters, whereby he was authorised to gather those tenths, and that not after a common manner, but by a verie straight and hard valuation.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 And for the more sure waie of proceeding herein, he had letters of authoritie from the pope, to excom|municate all such as should withstand him or his de|puties in proceeding with those affaires. He shewed himselfe moreouer verie extreame in collecting of this monie, and namelie towards the prelats of the church, insomuch that appointing him a certeine day in the which vnder paine of excommunication they should make paiment, diuers for want of readie mo|nie, were compelled to make shift with the chalices, and other vessels and ornaments belonging to their churches, and other were glad to take vp monie vp|on interest,Usurers. and for that shift there were come ouer with the Nuncio diuerse wicked vsurers vnder the name of merchants, which when they saw those that stood in need like to be excommunicate for want of readie monie, they would offer themselues to lend vnto any that would borow, after the rate of one no|ble for the loane of twentie by the moneth, so bring|ing the néedie into their snares, to their irrecouera|ble losses and vndooing. Hereby the land was filled with bitter cursings (though in secret) by those that wished such vnreasonable exactors neuer to sée good end of the vse of that monie.

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