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Compare 1577 edition: 1 About this time the king minding the benefit of the commonwealth, Anno Reg. 12. 1228 caused the weights and mea|sures generallie within the land to be reformed after one standard. Matth. Paris. Weights and measures. Polydor. Hubert de Burgh crea|ted earle of Kent. Furthermore, he created Hubert de Burgh earle of Kent, the which Hubert how much praise so euer he got at the beginning for his valian|cie shewed in the defending of Douer castell, and in vanquishing the French fléet that was comming to the succour of Lewes by battell on the sea, it is cer|teine, that now he purchased himselfe double as much hatred and euill will, bicause that being of secret councell with the king, and thereby after a sort seque|stred from the lords, he was knowne to dissuade the said prince from restoring of the ancient lawes and customes vnto the people, which the barons oft re|quired: whereby it came to passe, that the more he grew in fauour with the prince, the further he came into the enuie of the Nobilitie, and hatred of the peo|ple, EEBO page image 210 which is a common reward to such as in respect of their maister doo little regard the profit of others, as the prouerbe saith,

Plus quis honoratur hostis tum multiplicatur.

Compare 1577 edition: 1

Stephan arch+bishop of Can|turburie de|parted this life.

Richard We|thersheid ele|cted in his place.

Matth. Paris. Walter Hel|mesham.

Furthermore, vpon the ninth of Iulie Stephan the archbishop of Canturburie died, after he had go|uerned that sée the terme of 21 yeares, after whome succéeded Richard Wethersheid deane of Paules, who was the thrée and fortith archbishop of that sée. The moonks of Canturburie had first elected one of their owne conuent, named Walter de Helme|sham: which election was made by the same moonks the third daie of August next insuing the death of their said archbishop Stephan, but the king would not consent that he should haue the place for diuerse causes, which he obiected: as first, for that he knew him to be such a man as should be vnprofitable, both to him and to his kingdome. Secondlie, bicause his father was a theefe, and thereof being conuict, suffe|red death vpon the gallowes. Thirdlie, for that he himselfe had stood against king Iohn in time of the interdiction.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 On the other side, the bishops suffragans to the church of Canturburie obiected also against him, that he had vsed the familiar companie of a nunne, and begot of hir certeine children. Moreouer they al|ledged, that no election without their consent, could be good, nor ought to take place. But the moonke making his appeale, stood in it, and taking with him certeine of his fellow moonks of Canturburie,A new trou|ble about the election of the archbishop of Canturburie. went to Rome, and there made supplication to the pope, that his election by his authoritie might be ratified and confirmed. Whereof the king and the other bi|shops being aduertised, did put their obiections in writing vnder their seales, & sent the same to Rome to be exhibited to the pope by the bishops of West|chester and Rochester, and Iohn the archdeacon of Bedford, who vsed such means, that his election was iudged void, & then the said Richard Wethersheid was out of hand elected & confirmed. In that yeare also, Fabian. a grant was made to the citizens of London, that they should haue and vse a common seale.

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