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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In Februarie, the king called a parlement at Ox|ford, in the which he made open declaration vnto all the assemblie, Anno Reg. 11. 1227 that he was now of lawfull age to go|uerne of himselfe,A parlement at Oxford. The king at lawfull age. Matth. Paris. Polydor. without anie to haue rule ouer him, and so whereas before he was gouerned first by the earle of Penbroke lord protectour, whilest he li|ued, & after by the bishop of Winchester and others, he now remooued them from him by the counsell of the lord chiefe iustice, taking the regiment wholie to himselfe, & to such as should please him from thence|foorth to appoint. Also in the same parlement, he did cancell and disanull the two charters before mentio|ned,The charters cancelled. after that the same had béene vsed through the realme for the space of two yeares, pretending them to be of no value, sith they were sealed and signed whilest he was vnder age. This déed of the king was gréeuouslie taken, and all the blame put in the lord chiefe iustice. Herewith all such also as claimed anie manner charters of liberties, were appointed to re|mooue the same (a practise onelie to get monie) and to get them confirmed with the kings new seale, the old being made void and pronounced of none effect.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In this yeare died the French king Lewes the eighth, and his son Lewes the ninth succeeded him,The death [...] Lewes the French king. EEBO page image 209 a child of twelue yeares of age, by reason of whose in|fancie diuerse peeres of the realme began to with|draw their obedience from him, as Theobald earle of Champaigne, Hugh earle of Marsh, and Peter duke of Britaine. Howbeit, the earle of Champaigne was easilie reduced againe to his former obedience, by the high wisedome and policie of the quéene mother, who had the gouernement of hir sonne the yoong king and his realme committed vnto hir.The earle of Marsh com|meth ouer to the king and offereth him his seruice. But the earle of Marsh constant in his purpose, came ouer to king Henrie, whose mother he had married, and declared vnto him, that now was the time for him to recouer those places, which king Philip had vniustlie taken from his father king Iohn: and to bring the same to passe, he offered himselfe and all that he could make, in the furthering of this voiage. The K. being thus pricked forward with the earle of Marsh his words, Polydor. determined without delaie to take in hand the warre.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 ¶ Here authors varie, for some write, that king Henrie sent ouer certeine persons, Matth. Paris. Ambassadors sent into France. as the archbishop of Yorke, the bishop of Careleill, and the Lord Phi|lip Dalbenie, to vnderstand the minds of the Nor|mans, the Britains and Poictouins. And for that those that were sent, brought word againe that the said people were not greatlie minded to forsake the French gouernment, he surceassed from attempting any exploit at that time. Other write, that gathering a great summe of monie of his subiects, towards the maintenance of his charges, he prepared a nauie of ships, and sailed ouer with the said earle of Marsh into Britaine, and there wasted the confines of the French dominions, and that when the French king was readie with an armie to succour his subiects, he suddenlie retired to his ships, and returned into England, without atchiuing anie enterprise wor|thie of remembrance, so that whether he went him|selfe or sent, Polydor. it forceth not: for certeine it is that he profited nothing at that seson, either by sending mes|sengers to procure him fréendship, or by going ouer himselfe to make an entrie to the warres.

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