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Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the same time Iohn the sonne of Dauid earle of Anguish in Scotland, Anno Reg. 7. Iohn Scot marrieth the daughter of Leolin prince of Wales. sisters sonne vnto Ra|nulfe earle of Chester, married the daughter of Leo|lin prince of Wales, as it were to procure a finall accord betwéene the said Leolin and Ranulfe. After which marriage, king Henrie held his Christmasse at Oxenford, and shortlie after the twelftide came to London: where assembling a councell of his barons, he was earnestlie required by the bishop of Cantur|burie and other peeres, to confirme the liberties,A councell [...] London. fra [...]|chises, and frée customes of the realme,Note the re|dinesse of the bish. to [...] new conten|tion. for which the warres in his fathers time had béene mooued: which to denie (as the archbishop seemed to alledge, & shuld haue béene ashamed so to open his mouth, to the dis|aduantage of his souereigne, but that it is likelie he forgat the old posie, namelie that,

EEBO page image 205Imago rex est animatae Dei.)
he might not with anie reason, sith he had couenan|ted (and all the baronage with him) to sée the same obserued, by the articles of the peace conclu|ded with Lewes, when the same Lewes departed the realme.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Herevpon William Brewer one of the kings councell,The answer of William Brewer to the archbi|shops de|mand. hearing the archbishop so earnest in these matters, told him, that sith these liberties were pro|cured & extorted rather by force than otherwise, of the king being vnder age, they were not to be obser|ued. Wherevnto the archbishop replied, that if he lo|ued the king,Ahab accu|seth Helias. he would be loth to séeke to trouble the quiet state of the realme. The king perceiuing the archbishop to be chafed, & taking the tale himselfe, made a courteous answer, and further aduise had in the matter, sent foorth writs to the shiriffe of euerie countie, commanding them by inquirie of a suffici|ent iurie impanelled,An inquisi|tion. to make certificat within the quindene of Ester, what were the liberties in times past of his grandfather K. Henrie, vsed within the realme of England.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Matth. Paris. The same yeare, whiles William Marshall earle of Penbroke was busie in Ireland in war against Hugh Lacie, Leolin prince (or king) of Wales, as some haue intitled him, tooke by force two castels that belonged to the same earle: whereof when he was aduertised, with all spéed he returned out of Ireland, raised an armie, and recouered the said castels, put|ting to death all such as he found in the same, to re|quite Leolin with the like damage as he had shewed him before in his absence.The earle of Penbroke re|couereth his castels taken by the prince of Wales. This doone he entered in|to the land of Leolin, wasting and spoiling the same, whereof when the said Leolin was informed, he as|sembled an host of Welshmen, and comming into the field gaue battell, but the victorie rested on the earle of Penbroks side:The prince of Wales dis|comfited. so that there were taken and slaine in this bickering to the number of 9000 Welshmen. There was in this yeare a conspiracie also begun by the earle of Chester, and other Noble men,A conspiracie against the lord chiefe iustice. against Hubert de Burgh lord chiefe iustice of England, by whose counsell (as it was thought) the king was more streict towards the nobilitie and other his subiects, in staieng his grant to confirme the charter of liberties, than otherwise he would haue beene, if the same Hubert and other had not aduised him to the contrarie.

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