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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 After this, to the intent that whiles he might be occupied in warres abroad, he should not be troubled with ciuill discord at home, he deuised to ioine in af|finitie with the Scots, Matt. Westm. Matth. Paris. Marriages concluded. giuing his sister Ione in ma|riage vnto Alexander the king of Scotland, and Hu|bert of Burgh on the other side married the sister of the same Alexander called Margaret. These mar|riages were solemnized at Yorke on the morrow af|ter the feast of S. Iohn Baptist, in the presence of a great number of the Nobles both of England and Scotland. Anno Reg. 6. 1222 A councell also was holden by the arch|bishop of Canturburie at Oxford for reformation of the state ecclesiasticall and the religion of moonks.A councell or synod at Ox|ford. ¶ In which councell two naughtie felowes were pre|sentes before him, that of late had beene apprehen|ded, either of them naming himselfe Christ, and prea|ched manie things against such abuses as the clear|gie in those daies vsed. Moreouer, to prooue their er|rour to haue a shew of truth,Two dissem|bling persons apprehended. Matth. Westm. they shewed certeine tokens and signes of wounds in their bodies, hands and féet, like vnto our sauiour Iesus that was nai|led on the crosse. In the end being well apposed, they were found to be but false dissemblers, wherefore by doome of that councell, they were iudged to be nailed vnto a crosse of wood, and so those to whom the execu|tion was assigned, had them foorth to a place called Arborberie, where they nailed them to a crosse,They are exe|cuted. and there left them till they were dead. The one of them was an Hermophrodite, that is to say, both man and woman. Also there were two women condemned,Two women counterfei|ting them|selues to be, the one our ladie, the o|ther Marie Magdalene. Ralfe Cog. of whom the one had taken vpon hir to be that bles|sed virgine Marie, and the other fained hir selfe to de Marie Magdalene.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Ralfe Coghshall sheweth this matter otherwise, and saith, that there were two men and two women brought before the archbishop at this councell, of the which one of the men being a deacon, was accused to be an apostata, & for the loue of a woman that was a Iew, he had circumcised himselfe: & being herof con|uicted & disgraded, he was committed to the secular power, & so burnt by the seruants of Fouks de Brent. The other being a yoong man, was accused of con|temning the sacraments of the church, & that he suf|fered himselfe to be crucified, hauing the prints of the fiue wounds appearing in his bodie, and counterfei|ting himselfe to be Christ, reioised to haue the two women giue out and spread the rumour abroad, that he was Christ in déed, one of the which women being verie aged, was also accused of witcherie, ha|uing EEBO page image 204 with hir so [...]cerie and witchcraft brought that yoong man vnto such wicked fo [...]ie and madnesse. They two being hereof conuicted, were closed vp be|twixt two walles, where they remained till they died, the other woman being sister to the yoong man, was pardoned and let go, bicause she had reuealed the di|uelish practise of the other.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare also was the building of the stéeple be|longing to the church of S. Paule in London fini|shed. And this yeare also vpon saint Iames day the citizens of London kept a plaie of defense and wre|stling at the hospitall of saint Iames, Matth. Paris. against other their neighbours of the suburbes, and the quarters next ad [...]ning. In the end whereof it so fortuned, that the Londoners had the vpper hand: Matt. Paris. Matt [...]. West. and amongst other that were put to the foile, the steward of the ab|bat of Westminster with his folkes went awaie with the worst, to their great gréefe. Wherevpon the same steward deuised an other game of wrestling to be holden at Westminster on Lammas day next following, and that whosoeuer could get the vpper hand there, should haue a ram for the price, which the steward had prepared.A [...] wedder some saie.

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