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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This yeare deceassed Henrie de Boun earle of Hereford, Anno Reg. 5. 1121 and Saer de Quincie earle of Winche|ster in their iournie which they made into the holie land. Also the same yeare the preests or canons that inhabited within the kings castell of old Salisburie, remooued with the bishops sée vnto new Salisburie,Salisburie. which by the king was made a citie. The bishop Ri|chard procured this remoouing, through the kings helpe, who was verie willing therevnto, as it séemed by his charters largelie granted in that behalfe. Af|ter this, Matth. Paris. king Henrie held his Christmasse at Oxen|ford, at what time William de Fortz earle of Albe|marle meaning to trouble the kings peace,The earle of Albemarle. and to set things in a new broile, departed from the court in the night season, without leaue or licence, and hasted with all spéed vnto the castell of Biham,The castell of Biham. where he as|sembled a sort of youthfull persons, giuen to lewd de|meanor, and wearie of quietnesse (as to whome theft and robberies were verie plesant) by whose helpe he spoiled diuers townes and villages about him, as Tenham and Deping, with others.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 EEBO page image 203There were of counsell with him also (as was thought) Fouks de Brent, Philip de Marc, Peter de Mauleon, Engellard de Athie, and manie other, who priuilie sent men to his aid, and furthered him in his tumultuous affaires, that they might partici|pat with him the sweetnesse of the spoile, which is the marke whereat euerie one shooteth that is

—iners & inops, qui viuere luxuriosè
Vult quamuis nequeat, non respondente crumena,
Proinde animam vendit pretio, seséque periclis
Obijcit, vt raptis alienis victor ouánsque
Ad proprios referat praedam & spolia ampla penates.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In the meane time the countrie people withdrew to the churches, and gat their goods into the church|yards. Moreouer, the péeres of the realme assem|bled themselues in councell at Westminster where the king was present, whither the earle of Alber|marle was summoned to come, who faining as though he had meant to haue gone thitherward dire|ctlie,The castell of Fodringhey. turned suddenlie his waie to the castell of Fo|dringhey, and tooke it vpon the sudden, furnishing it also with a garrison of souldiers, to be kept hereafter to his owne vse. That castell was in the kéeping of the earle of Chester, who at that instant had but few souldiers there in garrison, wherby it was the sooner surprised. When these newes were brought to the king, he raised a power and came with all spéed to the castell of Biham,The castell of Biham yéel|ded. vpon the wednesdaie next after the feast of Candelmasse, and then compassing the same about with a strong siege, he constreined them within by force of such engins as they vsed in those daies, that finallie on the eight daie of Februarie they came foorth, and submitted themselues and all that they had vnto the kings pleasure. Who caused them to be safelie kept, till he might take further ad|uisement what should be doone with them.

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