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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 King Henrie by this meanes being put in full pos|session of the relme, according to the prescript of that article conteined in those conditions of the peace latelie specified, pardoned all those that had aided his aduersarie Lewes during the wars, except certeine of the spiritualtie, which were put to such fines, that they were compelled to laie all that they had to pledge, to leuie such summes of monie, as they might with the same obteine the kings fauour againe:The prelats are fined. and beside that, to sue to Rome for their entier absolution EEBO page image 202 at the popes owne hands. Amongst other, Hugh bi|shop of Lincolne returning into England, was compelled to paie a thousand marks to the popes vse for recouerie of his bishoprike, & an hundred marks also to the legat of good and lawfull monie. Such che|uance made the legat amongst them of the church, Anno Reg. 2. What che|uance the legat made. as well persons secular as regular, that he got togither twelue thousand marks towards his charges, where|by it appeared, that he lost no time in England. But to procéed.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The realme now being quiet and in all outward fe|licitie, a number of vnrulie persons, such as delight|ing in idlenesse, knew not how to liue in time of peace, assembled themselues togither and (appointing Fouks de Brent,Fouks de Brent. who was a man of great stomach and more rashnesse, to be their capteine and ringle|der) began to make warre against the king, and to spoile the townes and countries about them, so that their euill dooings might haue caused no small perill to haue insued by some great ciuill sedition, if the earle of Penbroke had not in time preuented their attempts. For he assembling the kings power, ha|sted towards the rebels, and what by his owne au|thoritie, and by the reuerend regard of some bishops in his companie; more than by vsing any force of armes, he staid the matter for that time, so that no further mischeefe followed of this mutinie. Matth. Paris.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Besides the foresaid Fouks de Brent, there were other of the Nobilitie also which practised the like dis|order, as William earle of Albemarle, Robert de Ueipount, Brian de Lisle, Hugh de Balioll, Philip de Marc, and Robert de Gaugi, the which Robert withheld the castell of Newarke that belonged to the bishop of Lincolne, and would not deliuer it, till the king with William Marshall erle of Penbroke had laine at siege before it an eight daies,The castell of Newarke re|stored to the bishop of Lin|colne. in the end of which terme by mediation of fréends the matter was taken vp, and the bishop recouered his castell, paieng to the said Robert de Gaugi an hundred pounds sterling for the victuals which he left within the same castell.

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