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Henrie the third, the eldest sonne of king Iohn.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 _HEnrie, the third of that name, the eldest sonne of K. Iohn, a child of the age of nine yeres, began his reigne ouer the realme of England the ninetéenth day of Octo|ber, Anno Reg. 1. in the yeare of our Lord 1216, in the seuenth yeare of the emperour Frederike the second, and in the 36 yeare of the reigne of Philip the second king of France.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Immediatlie after the death of his father king Iohn,William Mar+shall earle of Penbrooke. William Marshall earle of Penbroke, gene|rall of his fathers armie, brought this yoong prince with his brother and sisters vnto Glocester, and there called a councell of all such lords as had taken part with king Iohn. Anon after it was once openlie knowne, that the sonnes and daughters of the late deceassed prince were brought into a place of safetie, a great number of the lords and cheefe barons of the realme hasted thither (I meane not onelie such as had holden with king Iohn, but also diuerse other, which vpon certeine knowledge had of his death, were newlie reuolted from Lewes) in purpose to aid yoong king Henrie, to whome of right the crowne did ap|perteine.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Thither also came Uallo or Guallo the popes le|gat (an earnest defender of the kings cause) with Pe|ter bishop of Winchester, & Iocelin bishop of Bath: also Ranulph earle of Chester, William Ferrers earle of Derbie, Matth. Paris. Iohn Marshall, and Philip de Albe|nie, with diuerse other lords and peeres of the relme, and a great number of abbats and priors, who by and by fell to councell togither what waie should be best to take, for the good order of things now in so doubtfull and perilous a time as this. The péeres of the realme being thus assembled, William earle of Penbroke, bringing the yoong king into their pre|sence, and setting him before them, spake these words following.

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