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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king as then was at Oxford, who hearing of the assemblie which the barons made, Anno Reg. 17. and that they were come to Brakesley, Matth. Paris. on the mondaie next after the octaues of Easter, he sent vnto them the archbi|shop of Canturburie,The king sen|deth to the lords. in whom he reposed great con|fidence, and William Marshall earle of Penbroke, to vnderstand what they meant by that their assem|bling thus togither. Wherevpon they deliuered to the same messengers a roll conteining the ancient liberties, priuiledges and customs of the realme, sig|nifieng that if the king would not confirme the same, they would not cease to make him warre, till he should satisfie their requests in that behalfe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The archbishop and the earle returning to the king, shewed him the whole circumstance of that which the barons demanded, who tooke great indig|nation thereat, and scornefullie said;

Why doo they not aske to haue the kingdome also? Finallie, he af|firmed with an oth, that he would neuer grant any such liberties, whereby he should become a slaue.
Herevpon the archbishop and the earle of Penbroke returned to the barons, and declared the kings deni|all to confirme their articles. Then the barons na|ming their hoast The armie of God and the holie church,The barons giue a plausi|ble name to their armie. set forward, and first came vnto Northamp|ton, and besieging the towne, when they could not preuaile, bicause the same was well prouided for de|fense aforehand,Northamp|ton besieged. they departed from thence, and came towards Bedford to besiege the castell there, in which sir William Beauchampe was capteine,They wan the towne but not the castell. Matth. West. who being secretlie confederate with them, deliuered the place incontinentlie into their hands.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Bedford ca|stell deliuered to the barons.Whilest they remained here a certeine time to for|tifie and furnish the castell with necessarie prouision, there came letters to them from London, giuing them to vnderstand, that if they would send a conue|nient power of souldiers to defend the citie, the same should be receiued thereinto at some meet and reaso|nable time in the night season by the citizens, who would ioine with them in that quarell against the king to the vttermost of their powers. The lords were glad of these newes, to haue the chiefe citie of the realme to take part with them, and therfore they sent foure bands of souldiers streightwaies thither, which were brought into the citie in the night season (according to order aforehand taken.) But as Matt. Paris saith, they were receiued into the citie by Al|gate, the 24 of Maie being sundaie, whilest the citi|zens were at masse. The next day they made open re|bellion, tooke such as they knew fauoured the king, brake into the houses of the Iewes, & spoiled them.

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