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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 But howsoeuer it was, after the truce began to expire which he had granted vnto the earls of Marsh and Augi, on the friday before Whitsunday he came with his armie before the castell of Meireuent, Anno. Reg [...] which belonged vnto Geffrey de Lucignam, and on the day next insuing, being Whitsun éeue, he wanne the same. On Whitsunday he laid siege vnto Nouant,Meireuent. Geffrey de Lucignam. an other castell belonging to the same Geffrey, who as then was lodged in the same, and also two of his sonnes: but within thrée daies after that the siege was laid, the earle of Marsh came to king Iohn,Nouant. and did so much preuaile, that through his means, both Geffrey and his two sonnes were receiued to mer|cie, and king Iohn put in possession of the castell. Af|ter this, bicause king Iohn was aduertised, that Lewes the French kings sonne had now besieged Mountcounter, a castell that was apperteining to the said Geffrey, he hasted thitherwards, and came to Parthenay, whither came to him as well the fore|said earle of Marsh, as also the earle of Augi, and both they togither with the said Geffrey de Lucig|nam, did homage to our king,Mount|counter. and so became his liege men. The same time also, the ladie Iane the kings daughter was affianced to the said earle of Marsh his sonne,Parthenay. whereas the French king made means to haue hir married to his sonne:Iane the daughter of king Iohn married to the erle of Mars [...]. but bicause king Iohn doubted least that suit was attempted but vnder some cloked pretense, he would giue no eare thereto, but rather made this match with the earle of Marsh, in hope so to assure himselfe of the said earle, that he might stand him in no small stéed to defend his cause against his aduersaries of France. But now to the dooings in England.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 ¶ Ye haue heard before how pope Innocent (or r [...]|ther Nocent, who was the root of much mischiefe and trouble, which qualities are nothing consonant to his name) according to that king Iohn had required of him by solemne messengers, directed his bulles vnto EEBO page image 183 his legat Nicholas, declaring vpon what conditions his pleasure was to haue the sentence of interdi|ction released. Wherein first he commanded that the king should satisfie and pay so much monie vnto the archbishop of Canturburie, and to the bishop of London and Elie, as should fullie amount to the summe of 40 thousand markes (with that which al|readie he had paied, which was 27 thousand markes, at two seuerall paiments, as vpon his accounts ap|peared.) For true contentation and paiment to be made of the residue, he ordeined that the king should be sworne, and also seale to an obligation, and cer|teine suerties with him (as the bishops of Norwich and Winchester, with the earles of Chester, Win|chester, and Marshall) all which things were perfor|med at this present, so that after the assurance so ta|ken for paiment of the od 13 thousand marks behind, residue of the 40 thousand marks,The interdic|tion released. the interdiction was taken vtterlie awaie, and the land solemnelie released by the legat, sitting within the cathedrall church of S. Paule at London, vpon the 29 of Iune, in the yeare 1214, after the terme of six yeares, three moneths, and 14 daies, that the realme had béene stri|ken with that dreadfull dart of correction, as it was then estéemed.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Iohn in the meane time remaining still in France, and finding at the beginning fortune fauo|rable inough vnto him, by reason his power was much increased by the aid of the Poictouins, determi|ned to attempt the winning of Britaine, for this cause speciallie, that he might by so dooing weaken the French kings power, and partlie also to with|draw him from the wars of Flanders, on which side he had procured likewise the French borders to be inuaded with great force, and that not onelie by the earle and such capteins as he had sent thither, and re|teined in wages, but also by the emperour Otho, who in proper person came downe into that countrie himselfe.The emperor Otho.

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