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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Here writers declare, that he had got togither such an armie of men out of all the parts of his realme, Anno Reg. 15. Matth. Paris. The great ar|mie which k. Iohn assem|bled togither. both of lords, knights, gentlemen, yeomen, & other of the commons, that notwithstanding all the proui|sion of vittels that might possible be recouered, there could not be found sufficient store to susteine the huge multitude of them that were gathered alongst the coast, namelie at Douer, Feuersham, Gipse|wich, and other places. Wherevpon the capteins dis|charged and sent home a great number of the com|mons, reteining onelie the men of armes, yeomen, and fréeholders, with the crossebowes and archers. There came likewise to the kings aid at the same time, the bishop of Norwich out of Ireland,The bishop of Norwich. bring|ing with him fiue hundred men of armes, & a great sort of other horssemen.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 To conclude, there was estéemed of able men as|sembled togither in the armie on Barhamdowne, what of chosen men of armes, and valiant yeomen, and other armed men, the number of sixtie thousand: so that if they had béene all of one mind, and well bent towards the seruice of their king and defense of their countrie, there had not béene a prince in christendome, but that they might haue beene able to haue defended the realme of England against him. He had also prouided a nauie of ships farre stronger than the French kings, readie to fight with them by sea, if the case had so required.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But as he lay thus readie, néere to the coast, to withstand and beat backe his enimies, Polydor. Two knights of the temple. there arriued at Douer two Templers, who comming before the king, declared vnto him that they were sent from Pandulph the popes legat, who for his profit coueted to talke with him: for he had (as they affirmed) meanes to propone, whereby he might be reconciled, both to God and his church, although he were adiud|ged in the court of Rome, to haue forfeited all the right which he had to his kingdome.

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