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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Anno Reg. 10. The dealing of the king af|ter the inter|diction was pronounced.The king taking this matter in verie great dis|pleasure, seized vpon all their temporalties, and con|uerted the same to his vse, and persecuted such other of the prelacie as he knew to fauour their dooings, banishing them the realme, and seizing their goods also into his hands. Howbeit the most part of the pre|lats wiselie prouided for themselues in this point, so that they would not depart out of their houses, except they were compelled by force, which when the kings officers perceiued, they suffered them to remaine still in their abbies, and other habitations, bicause they had no commission to vse any violence in expelling them. But their goods they did confiscat to the kings vse, allowing them onelie meat and drinke, and that verie barelie in respect of their former allowance.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 ¶ It was a miserable time now for preests and churchmen,An heauie time for churchmen. which were spoiled on euerie hand, with|out finding remedie against those that offered them wrong. It is reported that in the borders of Wales, the officers of a shiriffe brought before the king a fel|low which had robbed and slaine a préest, desiring to vnderstand his pleasure what should be doone with that offender: vnto whome the king made this an|swer, He hath slaine mine enimie, and therefore set him at libertie. Matth. Paris.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king also doubting least the pope should pro|ceed further, and absolue all his subiects of their alle|giance which they owght to him, and that his lords would happilie reuolt and forsake him in this his trouble, tooke hostages of them whom he most suspec|ted. And as the messengers, which were sent abroad for that purpose,Lord William de Breuse. came vnto the lord William de Breuse, requiring to haue his sonnes for the said pur|pose, his wife (like a quicke and hastie dame) taking the word out of hir husbands mouth, made this round answer,

that she would not deliuer hir sonnes vnto king Iohn, who alreadie had slaine his owne nephue Arthur, whome he ought rather honourablie to haue loued and preserued
. These words being signified vnto the king, set him in such an heat against hir husband (though he rebuked hir sharpelie for the same) that the said lord was glad togither with his wife and children to flee out of the realme into Ireland for safegard of their liues.

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