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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The order of frier Minors began about this time, and increased maruellouslie within a short season. And the emperour Otho came ouer into England in this yeare,The [...]mperor Otho cõmeth into England. where he was most roiallie receiued by king Iohn, who taking councell with the said empe|rour to renew the warre against the French king (bicause he was promised great aid at his hands for the furnishing of the same) gaue vnto him at his de|parting foorth of the realme,

Fiue thou|sand marks of siluer, as Matth. West. and Matth. Paruus do [...] write.

Anno Reg. 9.

great summes of monie in hand towards the paiment of such souldiers as he should leuie for this businesse.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In this meane while, the strife depended still in the court of Rome betwixt the two elected archbi|shops of Canturburie, Reginald and Iohn. But EEBO page image 171 after the pope was fullie informed of the manner of their elections,Stephan Langton cho|sen archbishop of Canturbu|rie by ye popes appointment. he disanulled them both, and procured by his papall authoritie the moonks of Canturburie (of whome manie were then come to Rome about that matter) to choose one Steph [...]n L [...]gton the car|dinall of S. Chrysogon an Englishman borne, and of good estimation and learning in the court of Rome to be their archbishop. The moonks at the first were loth to consent thereto, alledging that they might not lawfullie doo it without consent of their king, and of their couent.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But the pope as it were taking the word out of their mouths, said vnto them:

Doo yée not consider that we haue full authoritie and power in the church of Canturburie: neither is the assent of kings or princes to be looked for vpon elections celebrated in the presence of the apostolike sée. Wherefore I com|mand you by vertue of your obedience, and vpon paine of curssing, that you being such and so manie here as are sufficient for the election, to choose him to your archbishop, whome I shall appoint to you for fa|ther and pastor of your soules.
The moonks doubting to offend the pope, consented all of them to gratifie him, except Helias de Brantfield, who refused. And so the foresaid Stephan Langton being elected of them, was confirmed of the pope, who signified by letters the whole state therof to king Iohn, commen|ding the said Stephan as archbishop vnto him.

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