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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 1206 Anno. Reg. 8.King Iohn also in this meane while, mooued with the increase of these his new associats, and also with desire to reuenge so manie iniuries and losses sustei|ned at the French kings hands, preparing an armie of men, and a nauie of ships, tooke the sea with them and landed at Rochell the ninth of Iulie, P [...]lydor. where he was receiued with great ioy and gladnesse of the people; and no small number of gentlemen and o|thers that inhabited thereabout repaired vnto him, offering to aid him to the vttermost of their powers. He therefore with assured hope of good spéed depar|ted from thence,Montal|ban woone. and wan the towne of Montalban, with a great part of all the countrie thereabouts. Finallie he entred into Aniou, Les annales de France. Polydor. and comming to the citie of Angiers, appointed certeine bands of his foot|men, & all hislight horssemen to compasse the towne about, whilest he, with the residue of the footmen, & all the men of armes, did go to assault the gates. Which enterprise with fire and sword he so manfullie executed,King Iohn wan the citie of Angiers by assault. that the gates being in a moment broken open, the citie was entered and deliuered to the soul|diers for a preie. So that of the citizens some were taken, some killed, and the wals of the citie beaten flat to the ground. This doone, he went abroad into the countrie, and put all things that were in his way to the like destruction. Then came the people of the countries next adioining, of their owne accord to submit themselues vnto him, promising to aid him with men and vittels most plentifullie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 King Iohn being verie ioyfull of this good suc|cesse, marched towards Poictou, sending out his troops of horssemen to waste the countrie on euerie side. In the meane while the French king being here|of aduertised, came foorth with his armie readie fur|nished to resist king Iohn,The duke of Britaine and other of king Iohns friẽds ouerthrowne. and by the way encoun|tred with the duke of Britaine, Sauerie de Maule|on, and Almerike de Lusignian, which had beene a|broad to spoile the French kings countries. But be|ing now ouerset with the kings puissance, they were taken, and all their companie stripped out of their ar|mour, to their great confusion. This mishap sore weakened the power and courage of king Iohn. But the French king proud of the victorie, kept on his iournie, and approching néere vnto the place where king Iohn was as then lodged, did cause his tents to be pitched downe for the first night, and on the morrow after, as one desirous of battell, brought his armie into the fields, ranged in good order and rea|die to fight.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The like did king Iohn, so that with stout stomachs and eger minds, they stood there in the field readie to trie the matter with dint of sword vpon sound of the warning-blast giuen by the trumpets. Howbeit, by the mediation of certeine graue personages, Matt. West. Matth. Paris. This truce was conclu|ded vpon All hallowes day. as well of the spiritualtie as of the temporal [...]ie, which were in good estimation with both the princes, a communi|cation was appointed, which tooke such effect, that a truce was taken betwixt them for the terme of two yeares, the prisoners on either side being released by waie of exchange: and thus the wars ceased for that time. Then king Philip returned into France, and king Iohn into England, where he landed at Portes|mouth the 12 of December.

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