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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In this meane time the French king, Anno Reg. 5. to bring his purpose to full effect, entred int [...] Normandie, wasted the countries, and wan the townes of Cowches, Matth. Paris. Polydor. The French king inuadeth Normandie. le Ual de Rueil, and Lis [...]e Dandel [...] Le Ual de Rueil wis giuen ouer without any great inforcement of assault, by two noble men that had charge thereof, the one named Robert Fitz Walter, and the other Saer de Quin [...]ie. Howbeit Lisle Dandele was valiantlie for a certeine time defended by Roger de Lacie the conestable of Chester. But at length they within were so constreined by famine and long siege, that the said Lacie and others perceiuing it to be more honourable for them to die by the sword, than to starue through want of food, brake out vpon their enimies, and slue a great sort of the Frenchmen,Roger de La|cie conestable of Chester taken. but yet in the end they were taken prisoners, and so these fortresses came into the French kings hands.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The pope hearing of these variances betwixt the two kings, sent the abbat of Casmer into France,The pope sendeth his Nuncij into France. accompanied with the abbat of Troissons, to moue them to a peace. These two abbats tooke such paines in the matter; that the kings were almost brought to agréement. But the French king per|ceiuing himselfe to be aforehand in his businesse, sticked at one article, which was to repaire all such abbeies as he had destroied within the dominions of king Iohn: and king Iohn to doo the like by all those that he had wasted within the French kings coun|tries. Gaguin [...] The popes Nuncij would haue excommuni|cated king Philip, bicause he would not thus agrée. But king Philip appealing from them, pursued the warre, and besieged the towne of Radpont. Polydor. The soul|diers within the towne defended the first assault ve|rie manfullie, and caused the Frenchmen to retire backe: but king Philip meaning to haue the towne yer he departed, did so inclose it about, that within ten daies he wan it,Radpont woone. and tooke there twentie men of armes, an hundred demilances, and twentie ar|cubalisters.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this, when he had fortified this place, he went to castell Galiard, which he besieged;Castell Ga|liard. and though by the high valiancie of Hugh de Gourney the cap|teine there, the Frenchmen were manfullie beaten backe, and kept out for a moneth and more, yet at length by streict siege and neare approches hardlie made, Matth. Paris. the fortresse was deliuered into the French kings hands.Hugh de Gourney re|uolteth from king Iohn. And in the end the said Hugh Gourney reuolted from his obedience, deliuering also the ca|stell of Mountfort vnto the French king, which ca|stell with the honor thereto apperteining king Iohn had giuen to the same Hugh, not verie long before. All this while king Iohn did lie at Rouen: but forso|much as he could not well remedie the matter as then, bicause he wanted such helpe as he dailie looked for out of England, and durst not trust any of that side, he passed it ouer with a stout countenance for a while, and would saie oftentimes to such as stood a|bout him;

What else dooth my c [...]sen the French [...] now, than steale those things from me, which herea [...]|ter I shall indeuour my selfe to cause him to restore with interest?
But when he saw that his enimies would still procéed,K. Iohn com|meth back in|to England. and that no aid came out of Eng|land, he came ouer himselfe, and landed at Portes|mouth EEBO page image 167 on S. Nicholas day.

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