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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the yeare 1201 king Iohn held his Christmas at Gilford, and there gaue to his seruants manie faire liueries and suits of apparell. Matt. Paris. Anno. Reg. 3. The archbishop of Canturburie did also the like at Canturburie, see|ming in déed to striue with the king, which of them should passe the other in such sumptuous appareling of their men: whereat the king (and not without good cause) was greatlie mooued to indignation against him, although for a time he coloured the same, going presentlie into the north, where he gathered of the countrie there no small summs of monie, as it were by way of fining them for their transgressions com|mitted in his forrests.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 From thence he returned and came to Cantur|burie, where he held his caster, which fell that yeare on the day of the Annunciation of our ladie, in the which feast he sat crowned, togither with his wife quéene Isabell, the archbishop of Canturburie bea|ring the charges of them and their trains while they remained there. At the feast of the Ascension next in|suing, king Iohn set out a proclamation at Tewkes|burie, that all the earles and barons of the realme, and also all other that held of him by knights seruice, should be readie in the feast of Pentecost next insu|ing, with horsse and armour at Portesmouth, to passe ouer with him into Normandie, who made their appearance accordinglie. Howbeit, a great number of them in the end gat licence to tarrie at home, pai|eng for euerie knights fée two markes of siluer for a fine, which then was a great matter.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But he sent before him into Normandie Willi|am Marshall earle of Striguille with an hundred knights or men of armes, which he had hired, Rog. Houed. and Roger de Lacie with an other hundred men of armes to defend the confines of Normandie against the enimies: and to his chamberleine Hubert de Burgh he deliuered the like number of knights or men of armes also, to keepe the marshes betwixt England and Wales as warden of the same. This doone,The archbish. of Yorke re|stored. he pardoned his brother the archbishop of Yorke, and restored him to all his dignities, possessi|ons and liberties, confirming the same vnto him in as full and large manner, as euer Roger late arch|bishop of that see had enioied the same: for the which confirmation his said brother vndertooke to paie to the king within the terme of one yeare the summe of a thousand pounds starling: and for the as|surance thereof, engaged his baronie to the king in pledge.

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