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Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Iohn returneth into England.King Iohn also came ouer from Normandie into England, and there leuied a subsidie, taking of eue|rie ploughland three shillings. In the Lent follow|ing, he went to Yorke, in hope to haue met the king of Scots there,A subsidie. but he came not, and so king Iohn returned backe, and sailed againe into Normandie, bicause the variance still depended betweene him and the king of France.He saileth a|gaine into Normandie. Anno Reg. 2. Finallie vpon the Ascension day in this second yeare of his reigne, they came eft|soones to a communication betwixt the townes of Uernon and Lisle Dandelie, where finallie they con|cluded an agréement, with a marriage to be had be|twixt Lewes the sonne of king Philip, and the ladie Blanch,A peace con|cluded with a marriage. daughter to Alfonso king of Castile the 8 of that name, & néece to K. Iohn by his sister Elianor.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In consideration whereof, king Iohn, besides the summe of thirtie thousand markes in siluer, Matth. Paris. as in re|spect of dowrie assigned to his said néece, resigned his title to the citie of Eureux, and also vnto all those townes which the French king had by warre taken from him, the citie of Angiers onelie excepted, which citie he receiued againe by couenants of the same a|gréement. The French king restored also to king Iohn (as Rafe Niger writeth) the citie of Tours, and all the castels and fortresses which he had taken within Touraine: Ra. Niger. and moreouer, receiued of king Iohn his homage for all the lands, fees and tene|ments which at anie time his brother king Richard, or his father king Henrie had holden of him, the said king Lewes or any his predecessors, the quit claims and marriages alwaies excepted. The king of Eng|land likewise did homage vnto the French king for Britaine, and againe (as after you shall heare) re|ceiued homage for the same countrie, and for the countie of Richmont of his nephue Arthur. He also gaue the earledome of Glocester vnto the earle of Eureux, as it were by way of exchange, for that he resigned to the French king all right, title & claime that might be pretended to the countie of Eureux.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 By this conclusion of marriage betwixt the said Lewes and Blanch, the right of king Iohn went awaie, which he lawfullie before pretended vnto the citie of Eureux, and vnto those townes in the con|fines of Berrie, Chateau, Roux or Raoul, Cressie and Isoldune, and likewise vnto the countrie of Ueuxin or Ueulquessine, which is a part of the territorie of Gisors: the right of all which lands, townes and countries was released to the king of France by K. Iohn, who supposed that by his affinitie, Polydor. and resigna|tion of his right to those places, the peace now made would haue continued for euer. And in considerati|on thereof, he procured furthermore,The king cõ|meth backe againe into England. that the foresaid Blanch should be conueied into France to hir hus|band with all spéed. That doone he returned into England.

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