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Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the same time he got the fauour of them of Champaigne and of the Britons, Les annales de France. and William Crespine also was constreined to deliuer vnto him the castell of Auge, but the French king recouered it by siege, whilest king Richard entring into Aluer|gne wan diuerse castels there, to the number of ten out of king Philips hands. Anno Reg. 9. In the meane time the earle of Flanders made sore warre against the French king for his part, and training the same king within streits, so that he was almost inclosed on ech side, he constreined him to agrée to such composition as pleased the same earle to appoint, but afterwards the French king refused to stand to the couenants of that agréement, and so the warre continued betwixt them as before.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 R. Houed. At length king Richard and the French king con|cluded vpon an abstinence of warre to indure from the feast of S. Hilarie for one whole yere,One yeare & 4 moneths saith Wil. Paruus. purposing in the meane time to make a finall peace and agréement. In which season Baldwine earle of Flanders came into England to doo his deuotions vnto the shrine where Thomas the archbishop laie buried at Canturburie.Griffin king of Wales de|parted this life. The same yeare also some what before this time, Rise ap Griffin king of Wales departed this life, after whose death there fell discord betwixt his sonnes for the succession, till the archbishop Hu|bert went to the marshes of that countrie and made an agréement betwixt them. Not long after, Roger the brother of Robert earle of Leicester, elected bi|shop of saint Andrews in Scotland, receiued the or|der of priesthood, and was consecrated bishop by the hands of the bishop of Aberdine.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare it was ordeined that measures of all manner of graine should conteine one quantitie throughout the realme, that is to saie,Weights and measures. one resonable horsselode, and that the measures of wine and ale with all maner of liquors should be of one iust quan|tie according to the diuersitie of the liquor: also that weights should be of like rate throughout the relme, and that cloth should conteine two yards in breadth within the lists, of perfect goodnesse throughout, as well in the middest as by the sides, and that one man|ner of yard should be vsed through the relme. It was also ordeined that no merchants within the realme should hang any red or blacke clothes before their windowes, nor set vp any pentises or other thing whereby to darken the light from those that come to buy their cloth, so as they might be deceiued in choo|sing thereof.

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